HAT News Monthly: Leavin’ On a Jetplane

Leila Trilby
Nov 4 · 3 min read

HAT News Monthly
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Getting chillier out there, but it’s heating up here at HAT Central as growth activities ramp up post-seed-funding raise.

Travel is big on the agenda, as Irene spent some time this month in Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

The UAE in particular promises to be a dynamic environment for the HAT. Dataswift’s Dubai-based investors Alphanumeric took Irene around on a HAT show-and-tell, and she got to engage with both large corporations and startups and met some really interesting people. We see lots of prospects, particularly with the rapid growth of Master Service Providers, and we’re pleased to welcome Edari, a major end-to-end provider of outsourced HR services, as our first UAE-based HAT Partner. Looking forward to working with you guys to bring HATs into the UAE in a big way!

HAT travels will continue in November with Irene off again, this time to Spain, Boston and New York. Bon voyage.

Yours in HAT,

Leila Trilby


Dataswift is running a campaign with top-tier development firms to set up discounts for apps or websites building responsible tech or user-first applications. Many of these will use HAT PDAs (because they’re awesome). Interested? Get in touch with CCO Jonathan Holtby.


A big hello to this month’s newcomers to the HAT ecosystem: Closed Loop Medicine, Tmrow, emason and Cérge. Looking forward to doing lots of exciting things together.


Also a warm welcome to Kelsea, Alex, Nicolas, and Tomoyuki at the Judge Business School. Dataswift and Judge are working together on the “Cambridge Ventures Project” to model repeat personal data account usage across devices and from different app types. Fun stuff if you’re into complicated data analytics!


Congratulations to James Kingston, HATLAB’s newly-appointed Deputy Director who will help drive the development of HATLAB as a leading centre for research into and advocacy of HATs and the personal data economy. James is looking forward to meeting members of the HAT community and helping it grow.


Lots going on in HATLAB: the DROPS research team at UCL have been busy using creative methods with families for personalised shared reading tech. Expect new, exciting projects as HATLAB receives additional funding and prepares for a relaunch.


Another month, another sprint. Pretty intense three days for Dataswift’s 16-person team, and not just because of the free-flowing wine and Cards Against Humanity every night. Also lots of cake, to celebrate Dataswift’s fourth birthday!


Dataswift’s moved office in London, where its tech team is based. They’re now in TechHub Shoreditch. Drop by and say hi next time you’re in the neighbourhood.


Dataswift’s seed-funding made the news in Asia this month.


Dataswift will be in lively debate on Cambridge’s fundraising landscape at The State of Cambridge Seed 2019 event next Wed, Nov 6. Come listen to Jonathan Holtby and IQ Capital’s Marek Chalupnik discuss seed funding on the ground.

Never too early to think about Christmas! Come join us at the HAT Ecosystem Christmas Lunch on Wed, Dec 11 in London. Book here.


Congratulations to HAT Partner TODAQ on closing its first equity round of USD5 million! All systems go for TODAQ, which also listed its TDN (Toda Note) on BitForex on Nov 1.

That’s it for HAT News for the next 30 days. HAT News Monthly is published at the end the month and features a collection of highlights from the HAT ecosystem. You can get this delivered to your inbox every month instead if you subscribe to our emails, and if you’re a developer or a startup founder or you work in technology, you can read more about building on the HAT on the HAT Blog. To learn more about the Hub of All Things visit us online at www.hubofallthings.com.

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Leila Trilby

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Leila is the Editor-in-Chief of the MadHATTERs Weekly, a magazine for the Hub of All Things about personal data and digital empowerment. www.hubofallthings.com

Hub of All Things

Technology that’s bringing about the future of personal data. Change the Internet.

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