We’re launching the HAT Accelerator, so startups can change personal data around the world

The global programme, a collaboration of HAT Community Foundation and HAT Data Exchange, features corporate and innovation partners like Amazon, and funding connections to CZ Investments in China and the HAT Infrastructure Platform led by Tolga Uzuner

Jonathan Holtby
Jul 11, 2018 · 6 min read

“The future of personal data has become an important focus for digital technology investment around the world, and it is something in which Europe boasts unique expertise. As attention in this technology picks up in China and the United States, a UK-headquartered global accelerator can lead. We are proud to support startups and scaleups innovating in this essential field.”

Dr. Xiao Ma, Founder at the HAT Accelerator, Commercial Director of HAT Data Exchange

Today is a big day for the HAT. We are very proud to announce that we are using our partnerships with CZ Investments, the USD $66m government-backed initiative from Touchstone in China (see story), and the newly-formed HAT Infrastructure Platform from Tolga Uzuner at Apollo (see story), to create a startup accelerator that will help a new generation of technologies to realise their vision for a better personal data economy.

The HAT Accelerator is launching with offices in London, Cambridge, and Warwick, partner relationships with Amazon, TATA Motors UK, and the Universities of Cambridge, Warwick, UWE, Bristol, Edinburgh, Kent, and Surrey, and three Class of 2018 startups to date — Padoq, Bear Health Technologies, and Mark and Maven. When you participate in this programme, you will work alongside some of the world’s leading experts in decentralised personal data, receiving bespoke training in both commercial and operational expertise for your stage. We will help you to get to scale as quickly as possible.

AT Accelerator participants will gain free HATs, two dedicated expert mentors, credits from Amazon, engineering support, and access to six of the best Universities in the UK for their academic resources and expertise, and we have capacity for 10 startups and 4 maturing business in our Class of 2018,. Applications are accepted under rolling admissions and opened on the 5 July, 2018, and no equity is taken in the participating startups’ companies. Startups should go to hataccelerator.org/startups to apply.

The HAT Accelerator is run by Xiao Ma and Jonathan Holtby, who together have decades of startup experience in North America, Europe, and China. Projects participating in HAT Accelerator-affiliated initiatives have raised over USD $4m in public and private funding to date.

With every passing year, personal data becomes the competitive advantage that lets companies big and small gain market share in digital technology. Startups need it if they are going to challenge incumbents in search, social, ecommerce, and B2B businesses, and scaleups need it to stave off competition in their sectors. Personal data is the competitive advantage of the 21st century. If we want technology to thrive for everyone, we need to continually improve how we use it.

“Today, services from fintech to health are lacking a crucial piece of infrastructure for personal data in the form of the HAT microserver. When they have it, they can benefit from better coordination and real-time recommendations, and create services using data they’ve never had access to before. Augmented intelligence especially, a combination of personal data and machine learning algorithms that private to the individual, will finally be a possibility with this technology, which I consider to be the future of innovation,” says Tolga Uzuner, founder of the HAT Infrastructure Platform.

Here is Congcong Zhao, the Founder of CZ Investments, a project originated within Touchstone Capital in China.

“CZ has been exploring US and European businesses to invest, bringing products, services, and technologies from innovative businesses to the Chinese market,” she says, and her enthusiasm for this digital technology is shared by the participants in our first class, who are together building the futures of online community management, intelligent medical records, human resources and hiring, and mental health resiliency in the programme.

Connor Atchison, Cofounder of Bear Health Technologies

“The future of diagnostics, some treatments (especially for chronic disabilities), some surgeries, and lots of physiotherapy is personalized medicine and machine learning. How much more powerful would those opportunities be if they were built on a complex, multi-source data resource about the patient?”

Mike Anderson, Cofounder of Padoq, HAT Accelerator Class of 2018

“People need their own data resource. That technology gives people a good way to store the information that’s relevant about them without being invasive. But in the future it will give us a way to store more information for usage in apps and services. The people in Padoq groups need payment tools, and identity tools that let you be yourself — privately if needed.”

Edmundo Rodrigues, Cofounder of Mark and Maven, HAT Accelerator Class of 2018

“Mark and Maven software helps HR professionals hire from live data from a personal microserver instead of static data from resumes and job applications. HR never actually meets a human applicant until the second or third round of resume cuts today , so they’re already assessing candidates from a digital persona. The only question we see is how good a digital representation of these applicants are they able to look at? The HAT gives us a way to see if maybe it could be better.”

If you are building a technology, or scaling one you’ve already built, that leverages the competitive advantage personal data can bring to your service, consider an application. The future of the Internet is built on the new data economy — join today at www.hataccelerator.org/startups or email Jonathan or Xiao for more information.

The HAT Accelerator launched on 5 July, 2018 with a Garden Party celebration at HAT Central in Barton, Cambridgeshire. Thank you to all our partners and friends in attendance. Here’s how we change the Internet.

About the HAT

The Hub of All Things is a way to own your own personal data. It’s a microserver — a database, with a computer brain — that helps you store for yourself the information you give your calendars, social, media, and phone. Here, this video explains it better than we do.

The HAT started a few years ago in Cambridge, England, and now it’s raising a new round of financing from passionate Internet users like you. Invest online at www.crowdcube.com/hatdex for as little as £10. (As with any investment, your capital is at risk).

Hub of All Things

Technology that’s bringing about the future of personal…

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