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Why Global Tech Startups Chose Hub71 As A Home for Their Regional Operations

Techstars Hub71 Startups experiencing the ‘life of a Hub71 startup’ (Note: This picture was taken in January 2020)

Our Techstars x Hub71 Accelerator Program successfully concluded its 2020 class with a stellar performance — you can still meet the companies and watch their pitches. The program selected a mix of ambitious global startups from across the world — US, Canada, Ireland to Greece; disrupting a whole array of verticals and industries including EdTech, HealthTech and Smart Cities.

Behind the success of this program was a global pool of 80+ mentors who worked tirelessly to improve on the ten startups’ business models; helping them adapt their products and pitches through an insightful, knowledge-sharing, global network. Additionally, global partners like AWS, HubSpot, Silicon Valley Bank, Google for Startups and SendGrid provided support to ensure the success of the accelerator program.

We were pleased to learn that 60% of the cohort were inspired to relocate their teams to Abu Dhabi by applying for the Hub71 Incentive Program after having experienced the ‘life of a Hub71 startup’. The program includes benefits such as easier access to capital, regional market access, global networks and Abu Dhabi’s flexible regulatory frameworks; as well as 50–100% subsidized housing, office space and health insurance for up to 25 employees for up to three years.

Of the 120+ startup applications that Hub71 received in Q1 2020 — all six Techstars Hub71 Accelerator companies were successful in showcasing to esteemed judges: exceptional business acumen, evidence of recent VC funding, global growth potential and most importantly, that they were willing to set up a meaningful presence (that’s R&D, developers and core tech team) at Hub71.

Applications for the Hub71 Incentive program are now open to global startups for Q3 2020’s cohort. Hub71 selection committee will meet again in September.

Congratulations to all the Techstars x Hub71 Accelerator companies who successfully completed the accelerator program. And, to the six winning startups who won a coveted spot on the Hub71 Incentive Program, we can’t wait to welcome you to Abu Dhabi and our community very soon!

Six Techstars Hub71 Accelerator Companies Joining Hub71

Aumet — from the United States

Viewed as a game-changing platform in healthtech, Aumet aims to revolutionize the way healthcare professional’s conduct business with each other. The platform is an online marketplace where medical equipment manufacturers can utilize Aumet’s recommendation engine machine to map out all possible deals with distributors to eventually sell products to healthcare providers

Sensgreen — from Turkey

Sensgreen promises to raise productivity in work spaces, increase return on investment and improve health simply by managing indoor air quality. The company eliminates the need for expensive and complicated technical support by developing the most advanced plug-and-play air quality sensor. The device offers AI-powered analysis of the building’s environment through a user-friendly mobile app that can be operated by anyone.

Workathlon — from Greece

Understanding that the success of the hospitality industry lies in the people who make it happen is the thought process behind Workathlon’s award-winning hospitality recruitment solution. The platform enables employers to accurately hire the right talent. The company has been significantly growing their pool of candidates and is on its way to become the only source for accurate, detailed, multilevel analysis of candidates fit for the hospitality sector.

BONFLITE — from Ireland

BONFLITE is a company looking to bring duty-free items to consumer’s hands in the most convenient way possible. BONFLITE presents a duty-free Ecommerce platform as a solution for air travelers to purchase and collect duty-free items at any point across their travel itinerary from pre-journey to pre-flight, in-flight, post-flight or in destination.

Educhain — from Canada

In the world of edtech, Educhain is set to solve a USD 7 billion problem through advancing cutting-edge block-chain applications for document management. Simply, the company has setup a one-stop-shop block-chain platform to digitize all academic documents. The technology eliminates the need to provide paper-based documentations such as university transcripts and certificates, and makes the education administration processes much simpler, more efficient, and highly secure.

DesignHubz — from the United States

DesignHubz is using 3D and Augmented Reality to revolutionize the way consumers buy products online. It enables brands & retailers to sell their products in 3D and AR on their websites and apps. The company provides ready-to-use 3D and AR solutions built for every category from furniture to fashion to toys allowing users to make much more informed decisions when doing their online shopping.

Given the recent economic upheaval many of those companies have gone through incredible challenging times. These startups had to re-look at their business models, market niches and even their own definition. We are proud to say that these companies made fantastic transformation and showed great ability to adapt and thrive in the current shift of market dynamics.



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