Hubert Newsletter October

What happened at Hubert HQ?

Autumn is upon us and soon has half the semester passed. Here in Sweden it’s getting dark, cold and rainy- a good excuse for us to stay indoors and keep working on Hubert 🤖

Here’s what we have focused on this month:

Developing the new Hubert-X

Ever since our AI-guy, Nils, came up with a new model for dialog management we’ve been exploring its possibilities and figuring out how to integrate it with Hubert. Internally, this project has become known as Hubert-X and is now greatly anticipated. The new model will bring a better way of handling new types of questions, a more non-linear conversational flow that can be trained on user data, and a deeper comprehension of what the user is talking about. Nils has been working frenetically the last couple of weeks to pair the old and new back end. The rest of us have alternated between cheered him on and asking when it’ll all be done.

Soon apparently.

Designing and implementing a new results-page

To go with the new and super exciting Hubert-X, we were in need of a more sophisticated results-page. After thinking long and hard about how to effectively present insights from qualitative data, a first draft is now in the workings. We’re thinking of having two separate views, where one is a bit more basic and another more advanced.

The largest upgrade to the basic view is the new way of exploring comments. In the upcoming version, you’ll be able to see a more comprehensive overview of the comments in respective themes along with the most significant associated words.

The advanced view will let you dive deeper into the comments and explore them through three different perspectives; activities (seminars, labs, etc.), entities (subject, schedule, etc.), and properties (fast, slow, complex, etc.). A wide array of statistical tools will also be available to the user.


Checking out the Edtech Sweden Exhibition

There’s a lot going on in the Swedish Edtech-landscape. On the 23 October, Hubert’s growth team (me, myself and I) stood outside the exhibition halls and realized I was a bit early. 24 hours to be exact. A second attempt did the trick and I got inside to see and hear the latest gossip from the Swedish edtech scene.

Great speeches from educational though-leaders succeeded one another. Carl Heath from RISE started out, followed by Jannie Jeppesen (Swedish edtech industry), Niclas Jungegard (Sqore) and David Black-Schaffer (Uppsala University) to name a few.

All in all, another great month at

Finally, we’d like to give you a big, warm thank you for all the feedback we’ve received! Keep it coming, and don’t forget to send your students some more evaluations soon.

The Hubert Crew