Thank God For Early Adopters 🙌

A case study from our largest evaluation so far.

A few days had past from us releasing the beta version, we had a decent amount of created accounts but there were still few teachers actually using Hubert in real classes. 
As we in the Hubert development team had spent most of our waking hours working on the project over the last months, we were really looking forward to seeing how people would interact with Hubert and what they would think. Therefore, there was true excitement around the office every time we got a new Slack-notification indicating a new conversation.

Meanwhile in Australia

Peter Wagstaff is a senior lecturer within the department of marketing at the Monash University in Melbourne, Australia. He’s what we’d like to call the ideal early adopter. A true leader and unhesitant towards trying new things — a Risk Taker as he likes to describe himself.

Peter is currently teaching a class on digital marketing where a large chunk is devoted to both trying out, and discussing new technologies such as artificial intelligence and chatbots. The middle of the term was approaching when Peter stumbled across one of our blog posts on a LinkedIn-group for higher education. Instead of using the built in surveys incorporated in the Learning Management System, Peter decided to give Hubert a go. Timing was right and Peter figured it could be a cool experience for students.

We were cheering in our office when we realized we had the largest evaluation yet on our hands, 230 students!

Once the evaluation had been completed, we talked to Peter about his experience with Hubert and received some great feedback. Here’s what we found out:

Overall, Peter was quite pleased with his first Hubert encounter. He was most impressed by the high response rate and the immediacy of the responses. After he’d sent out the evaluation, he followed the development through the Hubert dashboard and could see early on how themes were evolving from the feedback.

One particularly interesting observation from Peter was that he felt the conversational nature of the interface led to deeper insights into students’ perceptions than he was used to from the old survey system.

We’ve had a hunch this would be the case since first starting the project but it was really cool to hear that from a real user!

What Peter mainly was lacking with Hubert was a better way to overview the results, some more diversity in Huberts responses and some broader question topics.

So, overall a really promising start for Hubert! We’re starting to feel that we’re on the right track, but we know there’s much room for improvement. If you feel you’d like a finger in the development please reach out and we’ll do our best to accommodate to your needs.

The Hubert Development Team

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