Another hubii Product Launch: hubii core v1.0.0 Now Live

Following less than a week after the deployment of our revolutionary Ethereum scaling solution, nahmii, today sees the official launch of hubii’s innovative digital asset manager: hubii core.

At hubii, we aim to make blockchain technology simple. With hubii core users can create new wallets, check balances, make payments and interact with nahmii, all through an intuitive user-friendly interface. This release of hubii core also includes the ability to ‘watch’ any wallet, regardless of whether you control it, alongside settlement and withdrawals from your off-chain nahmii account.

We believe that hubii core offers an unrivalled experience for crypto enthusiasts and amateurs alike; simple operations like on-chain payments include default values for slow, average and fast transactions, with the ability for advanced users to specify their own gas price and limits. Similarly, hubii core displays the latest prices for a huge range of tokens, showing individual token and overall account balances on a per-wallet basis.

Both hardware and software wallets are supported by hubii core, including Ledger Nano S and Trezor, with users able to change between mainnet and the Ropsten test network at the click of a button. Currently hubii core supports English and Chinese (中文), with more languages coming soon.

Making payments with hubii core, both on-chain and via nahmii, is as simple as entering the amount and recipient’s address or choosing one from your Contacts list. Each wallet shows a full transaction history, including nahmii deposits, payments and withdrawals, with the ability to view the number of block confirmations alongside a link to Etherscan.

This version 1.0.0 release of hubii core is open-source and for Windows, Mac and Linux. You can download the latest release from our GitHub repo here.

A Note on the Airdriips

As part of a regular code review at the end of March, we identified a minor bug affecting the nahmii airdriip calculations. A small number of wallets (27) were excluded from the calculations for part of a month, affecting less than 0.05% of the tokens distributed. The missing tokens will be paid from hubii’s own NII allocation and no wallet will receive fewer tokens than intended as a result. This slightly delayed payment will not affect token holder’s eligibility to claim nahmii revenue, as we will account for the missing tokens as part of the off-chain revenue calculations.

Payments to the relevant accounts will be made either alongside the next airdriip at the start of May or shortly afterwards. The list of affected addresses is available here.