hubii core with hardware wallet support

We have been really busy the last 6 months — and we look forward to sharing a lot more updates throughout the next weeks and months.

One item we owe you an update on is the wallet — part of hubii core. The project continues to be on track and we deployed hardware wallet support for the alpha version as planned. We strongly believe in the added security of hardware wallets and look forward to feedback from those testing the solution with us. The updates are here — — and this is what it looks like in product;

Step #1; pick from where you want to import the address
Step #2; connect the hardware wallet to your computer

and then…

unlock the wallet

You will be prompted with the wallet address which will be imported into hubii core.

The other parts of hubii core, including the exchange, are also on track as documented on our roadmap (

Please note that this is still an alpha version and currently when choosing your hardware wallet you can only import the first Ethereum address of that hardware wallet. Thus, once you plug in and activate your Ledger Nano S or your Trezor in hubii core, it will recognize the very first address of your wallet. In future releases of hubii core we will add the feature that allows you to select which Ethereum address you would like to interact with, from your hardware wallet.

Also note that we aim at releasing the code as Open Source within the next few weeks.

Let us know your feedback within our Telegram group