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Apr 9, 2018 · 3 min read

We started our journey into content distribution 10 years ago with the company name hubii — a combination of the word “hub” and two people, represented by the two “i’s”. Which looked like this:

Very old hubii logo

This logo was updated when we focused on local news roughly 5 years ago:

A geolocation pin with a newspaper inside

In 2017, when we started to discuss our idea of expanding the hubii business to blockchain, we used the name “hubii network” to differentiate between the existing hubii local news distribution business and hubii network our blockchain initiatives.

Now, in early 2018, we are porting our existing business to the blockchain and are starting to deploy new products. Time to unify websites and to re-visit our brand:

We are retiring as a brand and return to hubii as our main brand — with a new logo that represents what we strive to make hubii stand for: transparency, user friendliness and innovation.

just hubii

In line with these changes, the new icon for hubits (HBT) looks like this:

HBT token logo

We are following the well established “branded house” strategy for our product branding. Hubii will be a part of the product names (similar to the naming practices at Google).

You have already heard and seen parts of hubii core, our asset management product.

hubii core

Our other products we are currently developing are hubii seed, a content marketplace (internal project name agora) and hubii mind, a distributed intelligence tool (internal project name pythia).

hubii mind
hubii seed

Striim — our scaling platform — connects to hubii through the double ii:

striim it is

Names and logos are partly a craft and partly subject to individual taste. We like where we are headed. We hope you do too!


All about hubii and its Ethereum scaling protocol, nahmii


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All about hubii and its Ethereum scaling protocol, nahmii