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Aug 14 · 3 min read

In a major development for the nahmii protocol, we are delighted to announce our upcoming NII token IEO in partnership with Liquid — the world’s top rated and second largest crypto exchange. Following the sale, Liquid will also become the first exchange to list nahmii’s NII token.

Today’s update is absolutely packed full of announcements, so read on to find out about the new nahmii website, Jacobo’s interview with ValueWalk, our updated roadmap and more!

The nahmii IEO

Beginning with the main announcement: nahmii’s IEO and NII token listing in partnership with Liquid. Headquartered in Tokyo, Liquid have developed an outstanding reputation in the industry for security, performance and trustworthiness. As the first exchange to list nahmii’s NII token, we believe that Liquid will bring nahmii to new audiences and help the protocol to reach its undoubted potential.

We’ll be releasing more information about the upcoming IEO over the next few days.

New nahmii Website

Today also marks the launch of another hubii website, this time dedicated solely to nahmii. You can visit the new site here. The site includes a short demonstration of nahmii’s CLI tool, details of key product features and links to download nahmii’s CLI, SDK and white paper.

Updated Product Roadmap

The new website also features an updated product roadmap. As you know, we’re currently rolling out trading on the nahmii protocol; however, preparations for the token sale mean that trades are now due to arrive in Q3 2019 and nahmii’s public exchange in Q4 2019.

Blockchain Interoperability

Our updated roadmap discusses plans to bring nahmii to Bitcoin and Libra in the near future. Preliminary work has already begun on porting nahmii to Bitcoin using RSK (RootStock), which should go live in early 2020. Porting nahmii to Libra is tentatively scheduled for Q2 2020, although much depends upon the development and openness of the platform in the interim period.

ValueWalk Interview

Our CEO, Jacobo Toll-Messia, was recently interviewed by crypto publication ValueWalk. Jacobo discusses nahmii’s IEO, Libra and the future of blockchain interoperability (including how nahmii will help). You can read more here.

White Paper v2.0

The original nahmii white paper (v1.0) was released in June 2018, when nahmii’s first smart contracts were deployed to the Ropsten test network. Since then, we have made substantial progress on the protocol including some significant changes to nahmii’s security architecture. The launch of the new website and IEO announcement therefore provides the perfect opportunity to revisit nahmii’s white paper and update the document to reflect what was actually deployed.

You can download nahmii’s white paper v2.0 here, alternatively the link is available on the new website.

Latest nahmii upgrades

Recent updates to nahmii, discussed in a previous blog post, have now been completed and nahmii will be fully back online today.

If you are new to our project and eager to try nahmii out with test funds, don’t forget that you can always use the protocol on testnet by changing your settings in hubii core. All nahmii functions are also live on Ropsten: deposit, payment, settlement and withdrawal.

What’s Next?

Over the coming weeks, we’ll be building up to the token sale with a series of major announcements. You can look forward to regular updates about everything from the IEO, blockchain interoperability, new partnerships and even the first nahmii Foundation member joining.

The next month is going to be very exciting indeed. If you haven’t already, follow us on twitter here or speak to the team directly on Telegram. As always, stay tuned — the world is about to find out exactly what nahmii can do.


All about hubii and its Ethereum scaling protocol, nahmii

John Derbyshire

Written by

Product Lead for hubii AS.



All about hubii and its Ethereum scaling protocol, nahmii

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