nahmii deployment continues, airdriip update

It’s been a busy few weeks for the hubii team as we make the final preparations for nahmii’s deployment to the public mainnet. As you may have seen, we completed the sixth deployment of nahmii’s smart contracts to the Ropsten testnet earlier this month. Additionally, we also minted the 120 billion NII tokens for the protocol. These tokens will soon be moved into 119 time-locked contracts — one for each of future airdriips from 2019 onwards.

We now anticipate that nahmii will be fully deployed to the public mainnet by the end of December. This is somewhat later than forecast, as we have encountered a number of small issues in final testing which require further investigation. These issues are mainly related to differences between deploying to the local versus public networks; effectively, how the various moving parts of nahmii interact with each other. Although these delays were unexpected, minor delays of this nature are sometimes unavoidable in software development.

Given the pioneering nature of nahmii and the importance of the protocol, we want to be certain that everything is working as intended before the smart contracts are deployed. Similarly, we felt it was important to communicate the reasons for this delay as early as possible to our community. As you will see below, this will not affect the allocation of tokens for the first nahmii airdriip.

Airdriip Update

The minor delay in deployment will not affect the calculations for the first nahmii airdriip. Of course, we cannot deliver the actual NII tokens using nahmii until the protocol is live on the public mainnet. Instead, we will make public all of the calculations and allocations for the first airdriip on 1st December. As part of our commitment to transparency, you will be able to see all qualifying addresses, their accumulated balance-blocks and the resulting airdriip allocations in NII tokens.

It is important to emphasise that this small delay will have no impact on the allocations for the airdriip, everyone will receive their NII tokens as soon the protocol goes live on mainnet. As discussed in our previous blog post, nahmii will enter a period of public beta following deployment. During this period users can make deposits, payments and transfers using nahmii, but withdrawals will be disabled until early 2019. The small delay in deployment may require a similar delay in enabling withdrawals, from January 2019 to February 2019. Again, this will not affect the airdriip allocations or the distribution of revenue to NII token holders.

In our next update, we will provide the breakdown figures for the first airdriip. This will include the list of all qualifying addresses, the number of balance-blocks accumulated by both eligible HBT and ETH token holders and the actual NII entitlements. Stay tuned for more information!