nahmii Phase 2 Deployment Completed, Payments Now Live

The hubii team are pleased to announce another major milestone in the development of nahmii, our scaling solution for Ethereum: Phase 2 deployment has been completed and user payments are now live! Today’s announcement follows the third nahmii airdriip, which was run on 4th February, and the successful deployment of Phase 1 (deposits and balance checking) at the end of January.

The third and final part of nahmii’s initial deployment, Phase 3, is progressing nicely and we anticipate that users will be able to settle their accounts and withdraw by early March. In the meantime, the fourth nahmii airdriip will run at the start of next month; this will be the latest instalment in our ongoing series of airdriips to HBT and registered ETH holders. Tokens from the airdriips are delivered using nahmii to user’s off-chain wallets; you can view your balance (including NII tokens from nahmii’s previous airdriips) using hubii core — download it here. Users can also find answers to the most common questions about the airdriip in the nahmii airdriip FAQ document.

As we are still in the ‘public beta’ testing stage of nahmii’s deployment, we will be throttling some user accounts in preparation for scaling the system up. At the same time, the development team will be running tests this week to determine the true performance capacity of nahmii.

Once nahmii’s settlement and withdrawal functions are enabled in the next two to three weeks, the team will focus exclusively on the nahmii trading platform. When trades are in place, we will then move to the second version of nahmii which will operate without throttling. This staged deployment allows us to test nahmii under the widest possible range of conditions.

As always, stay tuned for more updates; you can follow our work on Medium, Telegram and Twitter. You may also be interested in our CEO Jacobo’s recent interview with Vimond, which can be found here.