Summer Update — All Systems Go!

John Derbyshire
Jul 5 · 3 min read

Upgrades, updates and new smart contracts; it’s time for a quick roundup of the latest news here at hubii. We’ve got plenty of good news to share today, so let’s get straight to it.


As you might know, our current priority is adding ‘trades’ to nahmii. Trades are simply bi-directional payments; I agree to send x to you in exchange for you sending me y. This feature is needed for nahmii’s exchange, which will provide lightning fast, non-custodial trading — something that is currently impossible on Ethereum.

Progress so far has been good; the first suite of smart contracts were deployed to the Ropsten test network two weeks ago and the team are now working on the back-end functions (placing, matching, cancelling orders). We’re targeting the end of July to finish the first phase of development, with testing on mainnet due to start soon afterwards.

Live on mainnet

We have also been busy upgrading nahmii itself, including some improvements to the way that the system handles receipts. These changes have been tested and nahmii is now fully live on mainnet once again. All nahmii functions are available for you to use: deposits, payments, account settlement and withdrawal. Similarly, the SDK and CLI tools for nahmii have also been upgraded to the latest versions.

Airdriip 8 — July 2019

As part of our ongoing series of monthly airdriips, we successfully delivered the latest batch of NII tokens on 1st July. These tokens are delivered to your nahmii (i.e. off-chain) wallet, which has the same address as your on-chain Ethereum wallet. More information about the airdriips can be found here.

To check your nahmii balance, we recommend using hubii core which you can download from this link. If you want to withdraw your airdropped tokens from nahmii, hubii core also handles account settlement and withdrawal.

hubii core improvements

Last but by no means least, we have released a new public build of hubii core today (v1.1.0). This release has been upgraded to work with the latest versions of nahmii’s SDK and smart contracts, alongside a long list of UI/UX and feature improvements.

We think that hubii core is possibly the best wallet manager on the market today. The product is open source, user friendly and packed full of powerful features. Best of all, hubii core is fully integrated with nahmii — making payments on the second layer is as simple as clicking a button.

If you haven’t had a play with hubii core, you can download the latest build of the software (v1.1.0) for free from here. If you already have an old version of hubii core installed, you’ll be prompted to upgrade to the new version as soon as you open it.

And finally…

With trades coming soon and nahmii back on mainnet, we’re now at a really exciting stage of the hubii project. Over the next few months we should see the first commercial products built on nahmii, with a number of projects and pilots in progress right now. Our market-leading products continue to get better and the future for hubii looks bright.

As always, keep checking our Twitter (@hubii) for the latest news and you can chat with the team directly in our Telegram group here.


All about hubii and its Ethereum scaling protocol, nahmii

John Derbyshire

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Product Lead for hubii AS.



All about hubii and its Ethereum scaling protocol, nahmii