10 Tips to Stay Organized During Event Planning

Himani Sheth
May 29, 2018 · 3 min read

Event planning and management is by far one of the most stressful jobs out there. One of the key factors to which this stress can be attributed is the plethora of tasks that the job encompasses. It’s a job that begins even before the contract is signed.

From initial pitch, concept, incubation to the actual event plan, it is difficult for event planners to keep their eye on the ball and maintain a steady work-flow, overwhelmed by the accountability and magnitude of each event planning task.

So, here’s a little something to help you out. Check out these 10 tips to help you stay organized while planning your next event:

1. Define and decide

Before beginning to plan an event and getting started with set tasks, it is imperative that you have a vision in your mind and a set timeline to finish it. Define a direction and decide upon a strategy for the same.

You need to be clear in terms of the direction you want to go, the kind of event you need to plan and the things you need to do to accomplish the task. Hence, the first step to getting organized is to define a goal and decide a plan of action to accomplish the same.

2. Create a checklist of tasks

The only way to remain organized is to follow a set direction. How do you know the direction you need to remain focused on? It’s only by clearly defined set of tasks that you shall know what work is to be done and in what timeframe.

This is where a checklist of tasks to be done comes in. Get a present made template or an event planning checklist of sorts to get you going. This can either be on paper or in a digital format. I personally would like to suggest a digital format as it is quick and easy to maintain and you can always back it up in no time.

3. Set a deadline

The events industry is currently a booming one. From conferences to summits, the number of events across the world is growing year by year. This has lead to shorter lead times for planners.

Due to this, event planners are often forced to work under a time constraint.

In order to remain on track, it is essential that you set a deadline and work accordingly. Prepare a timeline for each task on your checklist and work according to the same.

4. Define tasks of the day

The goal you set in terms of planning and executing an event is relevant to a bigger picture, the final e-day. In order to achieve that final goal, you need to decide upon smaller milestones that you need to achieve.

Decide a tasks you want to accomplish within the week, decide upon the work that needs to do during the day in order to complete the set goal of the week. Divide and delegate these tasks to your members. You can go old school with rosters or you can use digital formats like google sheets or group messaging tools for the same.

5. Get a little help from tech

Technology can be a trusted helper when used the correct way. It is imperative that you use the right tools for the right tasks and this I cannot emphasize enough, for the tasks you require. Too much of a good thing can actually turn out to be bad.

Having multiple tech tools each with its own set of features, some of which may overlap the other is definitely confusing and most of all, time consuming. Tools like an all in one event management software or a single team management app like Asana or Slack can be the helping hand you need to remain organized.

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