Coffee table Book- Your opportunity to be featured as the best in State

A small piece in the newspaper, coverage by an online forum, a facebook mention, and growing community on twitter, any of this makes a startup extremely happy as there is a feeling of being acknowledged and also there are the perks of reaching out to greater audience which inherently brings in the benefits of branding, referral traffic and SEO with itself.

Now imagine a situation where you get recognized by Government of the state for your work and get featured in their publication……….Exciting right? Already thinking about how it will help you increase your reach and credibility manifold.

But no don’t let the thought of it being impossible stop you. Because it is not.

Government of Gujarat along with Entrepreneurship development institute, Ahmedabad has come up with this great initiative to provide the much longed recognition to the startups by the launch of “Coffee Table Book- Compilation of 50 best startups of Gujarat”.

What is a coffee table book?

Characteristically a coffee table book is a large, lavishly illustrated book intended for casual reading. It generally inspires conversations among people.

What is it about?

This book will feature the 50 best startups of the state out of the registered ones. It will have the startup their product/ service and their journey.

On what basis will the startups be judged?

The startups will be judged on the basis of:

1) Novelty and impact of the idea of the product/service

2) Story behind the idea

3) Endorsements/Awards/Recognition received

4) Impact created on the society

5) Financial parameters such as level of funding, number of employees etc.

What are the benefits of it?

This book will be unveiled during the inaugural session of Vibrant Gujarat Startup Summit (which is being organised on 21st and 22nd October) by the Hon. Chief of Minister of Gujarat who will also award the winning startups with a certificate from government Gujarat along with the prize money of Rs. 5000/-.

Also the applicants who have not being selected will get an entry ticket for the 2 day summit for free.

How to register?

Nominate your startup here: Also, don’t forget to refer your friends!

What is the last date of registration?

29th September. (Personal advice: Don’t wait for the last date. Who knows you may just miss the bus!)

So register as soon as possible and make the most of this opportunity!!