How to Shift to Virtual Events Amidst the COVID-19 Outbreak?

Juhi Purswani
Mar 12 · 4 min read

We all are aware of the current pandemic and the scare it has left our people in. Meanwhile, numerous industries are hard hit by the COVID-19 effects, the events industry isn’t spared from the wrath.

The pandemic has led to cancelation and postponement of hundreds of thousands of scheduled events since January 2020. Big events like SXSW, IMEX Frankfurt, F8 Facebook Developer Conference, etc. are a few of the annual events that have been canceled to ensure safety and avoid a group interaction.

It is quite possible you may have become a victim of one such conference as well. Events are an integral part of networking and learning for any industry.

And suddenly,


It’s a time of misery and sorrow for event planners, event organizers, sponsors, and exhibitors and for all the attendees.

Every virus has an antidote and so will the antidote of COVID-19 be released, hopefully soon. Until then, canceling events isn’t the only option.

What do I mean by that?

Yes, we may have a backup plan for event organizers and event planners.

And, it’s going digital — Going VIRTUAL

Yes, the rise of virtual events isn’t a new trend in the events industry. It has been in the backdrop for events or conferences or seminars which was more educational or had around 100–150 attendees only. Virtual events are mostly a synonym for a webinar or a live podcast wherein the event attendees can interact with one another, participate in live polls and QnA and attend the sessions as per the event schedule.

Knowing all the pros and cons, how hard is it to shift to a virtual event at the last minute in this recent outbreak of coronavirus?

Your audience is stuck working from home and ready to attend your virtual events. Learn how the industry leaders are making a strike and shifting their audience to the rise of virtual events!

Have a bulletproof plan and be ready to take action on it!

How would a virtual event or a virtual conference maximize attendee engagement?

First of all, your brand presence and loyalty itself will bring out attendees who would’ve eventually attended your conference it wasn’t canceled or postponed.

I agree on the point, sitting at a single place and attending a conference may become boring after a few hours and if it’s a 2 day or 3-day event, attendees are bound to leave at some point.

To avoid circumstances like these, adding interactive elements like live QnA and live polls, initiating the usage of event app platform to network and chat with the fellow attendees and speakers, giving a dedicated space for event sponsor ads, and many more integrations.

Attendees even if not present on-ground event, can yield the entire benefits one would like to have at an event. Virtual events are on the rise and eventually will have a high demand.

Turning a large conference into a full-fledged remote event within a few days is fairly novel if you have a contingency plan worked out. Working with an event management software vendor like HUBILO for starters can prove to be a smart decision. Converting all the event stakeholder’s digital footprints into a virtual event won’t be a tough task. Just a few video conferencing and presentation integrations or features and you’re all set!

For example, The Geneva International Motor Show canceled its Switzerland show. Instead, they’ll offer pre-recorded and live stream press conferences. Attendees can view them at their convenience.

Also, IBM’s Think conference is going digital this year. The company is combining locally-hosted activities with virtual events.

Here are a few brilliant ideas which will elevate your virtual conference & also maximize attendee’s interaction:

1. Use a pre-recorded video

2. Create fun & animated educational videos

3. Live stream your keynote speakers

4. Provide a platform for attendees to participate in QnA with the speakers

5. Virtual product demos (enthralling ones maybe add 3D effects or interactive demo sessions)

6. Use event app or event networking platform for seamless interaction

Do something out of the box which will make your client/attendees thrilled to be at home and attending the event! To make the online and virtual experience of an attendee beneficial, use technology accurately. Because your audience has already attended webinars and conferences online or had taken educational lessons as well. What difference your conference will provide to compel them to attend?

Industry leaders must step up and virtually captivate the global audience with virtual events! Don’t wait for your next conference to get canceled. Instead, get all the tools and stakeholders on a call and set up the video recording and live streaming.

Drop the travel expenses and live stream a panel from your workplace. Virtual events give your audience the flexibility to experience your brand and products from anywhere.

Don’t cancel your Events due to Crisis! We can help. Download this PDF to know more.

We aim to make your virtual events equal actual events through our unique Virtual Events Platform!

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