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HUB Digest of FUD and Fury: The Tale of The Hacker in The Cradle 🕯

Welcome! You have arrived at the haunted digest of cyber security. This is where we share appalling stories of cyber horrors, but also put out some best practices and cutting-edge solutions, that could help mitigate the threats that strike fear to the heart of every cyber security expert.

Industrial IoT Summit of Experts

Before we start, we’d like to invite you to our upcoming online event: ‘The Rise of Industrial IoT’, taking place on December the 9th. Our panel of speakers includes IoT experts: Erik Varney (Verizon), Rajeev Kalamdani (Ford Motor Company), Dr. Guru Prasad (Bosch Engineering), Farid Monemi Bichareh (Stiles Machinery), Ilya Billig (Hitachi Vantara), Anoop Mohan (Comcast/Cisco/Rockwell), David Hochhauser (HUB Security). Free registration is just a click away.

And now… for the tales!

The Hacker in The Cradle: Teen Canadian accused of performing SIM-swap attack which resulted in a $36 million worth of cryptocurrency | Attack was traced after purchasing an expansive user name which allowed tracking him | This sort of attack is hardly problematics since no one regulates the systems used by cryptocurrency holders (Source)

HUB’s solution: When choosing your two-factor authentication it’s best to use text messages/SMS as a second-factor authentication, and thus to avoid SMS reroutes and SIM-swap attacks. HUB Security provides a military-grade authentication mechanism with a handheld secure device as an optional authentication mechanism.

Timothy Dykes

Happy holiday for threat actors: Critical infrastructure organizations were cautioned by CISA before the holiday | Similar warning was issued before Labor Day | FBI and CISA warn that threat actors wait for such occasions to inflict considerable damage | As usual, best practices were recommended to avoid such attacks (Source)

HUB’s solution: Critical infrastructure is always a prime target for attackers both nation-states and criminals. HUB Security provides best-in-class protection for critical infrastructure. The transparent protection keeps the attackers out and authorizes users in.

The incident of cursed chip: Four potential threats were solved recently by Taiwanese chipmaker MediaTek | Potential eavesdropping was thus prevented | Vulnerabilities found are designated at medium severity | In three of the cases users interaction was not needed to apply the attack (Source)

The university of dark web crooks: Knowledge is power, or so think hackers who now started teaching courses | Botnets are the bread and butter of cyberattacks | These allow to conduct all different sorts of attacks | This is a highly profitable line of ‘work’ for cyber crooks | The cost of one such course could reach $1,400 (Source)

HUB’s perspective: Botnets are usually used for DDoS attacks. HUB security provides a transparent protection layer that automatically ignores the unexpected traffic of bots and therefore eliminates the chance of DDoS.

Cyber Culture

Italy fights for users’ privacy: Italy issued Apple and Google with a €10 million fine | This is after the two media titans failed to supply users with a clear enough explanation on how their data will be used | Other accusations include aggressive attempts to push users into accepting this data uses | Earlier this year the regulator in Italy also fined Facebook and in recent years Samsung was also fined (Source)

Michał Kubalczyk

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HUB Security is a highly secured cyber security and confidential computing platform. On our Medium page we share weekly cyber stories, events and news.

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