The Hubtiger team sitting on the steps in front of the Hubtiger office building.
Together we build a new cycling ecosystem.

About Us — building a new cycling ecosystem

Aug 31, 2020 · 3 min read

Cyclists have become some of the most tech-savvy sportspeople going, with an app to cover pretty much every need. Weather, ride data, navigation — it’s all there, neatly stored on our phones and GPS units. Then, of course, to make sure the ride wasn’t done in vain, we upload our activities to at least two more platforms, one for social clout and the other so our coach can review the workout. If that wasn’t enough, we also like to fawn over the latest technology, from on-board accessories to aero advancements.

While cyclists themselves are all about the tech, Hubtiger was born because we saw a gap — where the riders’ desire for smart solutions was not being met by independent bike shops. Our mission is to help bring these workshops up to the technological level of their loyal customer base.

At the beginning, our founders never used to be hardcore bike riders, but it was their fresh eyes that helped them to see things with an outsider’s perspective, bringing new solutions to the world of cycling. Like all things that are worth doing, Hubtiger wasn’t simply created in a day, and we’ve made enough mistakes and gone through enough rebuilds to say we’ve paid our dues.

What you see now is the result of those lessons, the best possible solution we could build to

Our vision
From Helsinki to Cape Town, Paris to Melbourne, one thing we have noticed is that the problems independent bike shops have are worldwide. Hubtiger endeavours to create a larger network in which it can help provide solutions to these issues and so we aim to be in as many bike shops as possible to expand our network.

Our long-term vision is for Hubtiger to develop into an app that services a larger network within the sport of cycling and helps make all the players in the ecosystem a bit more tech-savvy. Our clientele already includes individual riders and their bike shops, but we also want to help clubs, trails and races integrate tech into their operations.

A blurred image of the Hubtiger team talking at the Hubtiger office entrance.
A blurred image of the Hubtiger team talking at the Hubtiger office entrance.

Meet the team
Our team started with our core group of founders, Stuart, Daniel, Jonno and Mike, who saw this issue and decided to do something about it. Then comes our engine room, the support team. Our awesome group of staff who work on customer service, coding and improving the app on a daily basis. Without them, Hubtiger wouldn’t be anywhere near what it is.

We like to say that “passion goes a long way,” and as an actively growing company, we are always looking for highly-skilled, bike-savvy people, who can help improve the app. So, get in touch if you would like to be part of the Hubtiger team.

CEO, Stuart Blyth, walking down the Hubtiger office building stairs.
CEO, Stuart Blyth, walking down the Hubtiger office building stairs.

Stuart, our CEO
Our CEO and co-founder Stuart is from South Africa (via Dubai and Spain), and is an MBA Chartered Accountant. Stuart knows all about the importance of tech in the cycling community and how riders utilise it to benefit their ride. Although he says that, “Cycling has been a great social experience for me, far more than any other sport,” he is still trying to cut down on the number of times he ends up falling off his bike. We’ve all been there…