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Cyclists checking the health of his bicycle components on the Hubtiger app.
Stay on top of your bicycle component health with the Hubtiger App.

Why cyclists need to maintain their bikes regularly and at the right time

Wherever and whatever type of riding you do it’s important to keep your bike clean and well maintained. We’re not suggesting you need an arsenal of tools at your disposal, but a little bit of basic cleaning and maintenance will go a long way when it comes to prolonging your steed’s lifespan. Anyone can perform basic maintenance tasks on their beloved bikes but knowing when to maintain them and why to even bother can be tricky. We’ve rounded up some of the reasons you as a rider need to maintain your bike regularly.

A modern bike can be quite the investment, so it’s not an expenditure you want to be repeating every year or so. Keeping your bike in tip-top shape is important in order to lengthen its natural lifespan. Of course, the last thing you want to do post-ride is clean your bike when you could be enjoying a beer or lazing on the sofa, but try to make sure you clean and lubricate your chain regularly, and give it a good hose down if the weather has been less than desirable on your ride. It’s always easier to clean off wet mud than the dried glue it becomes, so save your future self some time and clean it as soon as you can.

Riding your bike is statistically one of the safest ways to get around, but don’t be fooled by its robust construction — all it takes is one knackered bearing or bolt for you to put yourself (and others) in danger. Make sure you check your bolts at regular intervals and feel for any bearing wear in your headset, wheels and bottom brackets are a good starting point. For MTBers make sure you check your suspension at regular intervals, and your pivot points if you have a full-suspension bike If you feel anything untoward — make sure you take it to a professional, use the Hubtiger app to find a local mechanic with availability.

As the adage goes, a clean bike is a fast bike — and it’s true. Keeping a clean drivetrain can improve your efficiency and require less effort for higher speeds. Another way to do this is by performing the ABC checks before riding — check the air in your tyres, your brake pads/discs, and your chain and cables. If anything looks a bit suspect why not book it in for a service?

Two cyclists checking their bicycle hub while on an outdoor ride.

If you’re riding your bike every day without regular maintenance then a lot of bills will come in fast when everything starts to wear out. By keeping a regular maintenance schedule, or even small services you can save yourself money in the long term by prolonging the life of your components. The Hubtiger app can let you know when you’re due for a service by keeping track of the distance travelled on each component, taking the guesswork out of your maintenance.

A small service such as replacing the bottom bracket and cables takes a lot less time than requiring a full rebuild after wearing out your bearings or drivetrain. Bearing in mind workshops may not be able to fulfil your request as quickly as you like, so you must keep on top of your maintenance to avoid a lengthy period off the bike. Make sure to use the Hubtiger app to keep track of your component wear and tear. The app syncs to Strava and can let you know when it’s time to book your bike in for a service as well as providing an online booking and payment system to streamline your bike shop experience.




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