ROLL CALL (from left to right): Bee, Peeps, Xavier, Polly, Genie, Freud, Gail & Hailey

Why I love our bots

Jayde Krievins
Sep 12, 2019 · 3 min read

Technophobia (The problem they solve)

At Huddle, we love technology. We use it every day in every aspect of our business and love how it makes insurance easier for our Members and for us!

But let’s be honest, technology can be a little intimidating or even scary at times. It’s complex, has its own lingo and even inside jokes (I’d tell you a UDP joke, but you might not get it!?).

Humans are amazing. Creative, beautiful creatures, but not always rational. We know that technology can also feel out of our world. It can give you the feeling that someone’s always watching, whilst your information looms above in a Cloud.

Maybe you’re technophobic? That’s okay! You’re not the only one.

Sometimes a little bit of technophobia is a good thing — healthy scepticism can keep us safe. It can also hold us back. Sometimes we’re afraid of new technology because it feels unfamiliar or hard to understand.

I lead Compliance and Member Success activities at Huddle. This role is typically seen as the scary or important corporate biz, but really, deep down, we’re here to help the business grow, thrive and most importantly, be compliant. In an industry as complex as insurance, technology is key to help monitor the performance of our people, processes and how we comply with legal and regulatory frameworks.

Huddle Bots are capable of helping us achieve amazing things including our compliance performance. Why is this important for you? Compliant insurance means we’re doing right by you, and by us. It means we can do good and be here for good.

Meet our bots (The solution)

We thought long and hard about how we can inspire others to love the functions of Huddle as much as we do. We needed to create familiarity with tricky tech, so we gave it a face; eight super cute faces in fact!

We’ve brought our technology to life with Polly, Genie, Xavier, Bee, Freud, Peeps, Gale & Hailey.

Why cute little bots?

When you think of bot-powered insurance, what do you see? We picture a space-time continuum of coding, numbers and algorithms. This image isn’t so relevant in a world focused on colour, creativity and fun Member experiences! We want our Members to interact with the technology we’ve built. Our bots are incredibly smart; they think fast; they never have to sleep. Now that’s efficient.

Our Huddle humans are amazing too; they’re kind, empathic, and professional. (Don’t worry, they won’t expect you to be a tech-whiz or understand weird jargon!) Sometimes they need the help of a bot to give you the best service possible. Polly works hard in the background understanding all your answers to her questions and giving the best price she can and Genie helps at claims time, processing claims at the speed of light.

I 💜 bots

Our bots are as human-like as they can be. They’re Huddle’s way of showing you that technology is here to help, not just scare you away. We can’t wait for you to meet the Huddle bot squad and get to know each of them too!

Not just because they’re cute, but because the more tech-friendly we become; the better, quicker, smarter and more compliant we will be.

Any advice is general in nature and does not take your personal circumstances into account.

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