Huddly’s Been a Little Busy!

Our New Year’s Resolutions

Wow! It’s snowing today in Oslo. The city lights are shining. It’s beautiful. The holidays are right around the corner and we want to share some year end news with all of the great friends of Huddly!

First, we want to wish all of you and your families a very Happy Holiday! You have all played a critical role in the journey that we are on and we want to say THANK YOU!

Huddly has had a great year and there are many things to be thankful for. While we will celebrate the holiday season with our families, we couldn’t be more excited about the future and we want to tell you a little bit about it now.

There are 3 areas that we feel we need to get right as we continue to build Huddly into the powerhouse that we know it will soon become.

The Product

The product has to be great. We are closing in on the commercial launch of Huddly Go. It has been a long journey so far, but very rewarding for all of us. Soon the world will see.

The Customers

Great products deserve great customers. There has been tremendous interest in Huddly so far and we haven’t even shipped a product yet. That’s not exactly true, because we have already shipped early versions of the Huddly Go to nearly 100 customers so far. They tell us they love the beautiful design. They love the high quality. They love that it’s personal and mobile. They don’t know about the insanely great features that we will soon be adding to the cameras that they now hold in their hands. They will soon see.

The Team

Great teams build great products for great customers. The team has doubled since last year and we continue to attract some of the best talent available in the world. In fact we truly have a world presence expanding outside of our beloved headquarters in Oslo. We also have people in Bangalore, Palo Alto and Austin. The team is busily working not only on the Huddly Go, but starting to explore new products that only they can see.

In closing we want to share one more piece that we’ve been working on recently. It is our vision for what Huddly will become as a company. We plan on making quite a dent in the universe. Our vision is:

Elevate communication with compelling and intelligient vision products for everybody.

We build things that see.

You will hear more from us soon. Happy Holidays!


The Huddy Team

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