ISE 2017. It’s all about the people!

A story by VP Strategic Sales on the importance of human connection at the largest AV show in the world

Huddly GO camera integrated with the InfinityBoard by NEC Display Solutions (84'’ touch screen, runs on Microsoft OS)
Me (Fraser Park) chatting with Victoria Barella from rAVe Publications about our Huddly GO camera — listen to the podcast here

ISE 2017 was an amazing event with massive turnout: more than 70,000 attendees, great technology on show, impressive innovation, but above all, the event was about people connecting.

As a young emerging company, Huddly Inc. was lucky enough to be included as an innovation partner on the NEC stand for the week.

Our camera was chosen to be part of the new NEC InfinityBoard - the partnership built on connection between our teams and the cooperation of our people and people at the Japanese tech giant NEC.

Our presentation space showcasing a Huddle space future development

All week, we were welcomed with open arms by all of the NEC team, both those we knew and those we didn’t. All were genuinely interested in what we are building and how our platform could help enable new experiences for their customers.

This is a truly positive collaboration between a large established multinational and a small innovation partner, which creates great value for our people and most importantly our customers.

NEC Display Solutions 500 square meter stand (view from the back) — the stage where NEC hosted interviews by Daily DOOH

Talking of customers, a trade show of the size of ISE is made by the attendance and interest of end customers. This year was no different as customers challenged our assumptions, outlined new use cases and genuinely engaged in meaningful business challenges.

This is the essence of the event, end users meeting technology providers looking to solve challenges they have in their businesses. Equally looking to form lasting and positive relationships with new companies bringing differentiated experiences to market.

As always we had a mix of end customers, from those openly looking for engagement to those signed in under their sponsoring partner and going incognito to avoid the clamour of sales reps on every stand! I have to say, clever move if you have to visit lots of stands at the show.

If as always customers and relationships were the stand out of the event, I have to say as a internal team bonding exercise it is fantastic.

As a new member of our team, spending 4 days getting to know our own people was wonderful and enlightening. Mixing executives, with sales and marketing brought many moments of learning for us all, but above all a sense of the value we bring as individuals to the overall team.

As a last thought, there was of course the technology on show. Touch engagement for experiences was bigger than ever, but with Alexa slipping in through an engagement with Crestron, the move to more natural event experiences is quietly gathering pace.

Technology is fantastic as long as it enables the business need whilst simplifying the end user engagement.

Looking forward to a year of strong people engagement and returning to start the learning cycle again at ISE 2018.

And if you are still with me, here’s a small treat: the podcast with Victoria Barella of rAVe Publications and me, a VP Strategic Sales of the emerging startup with very promising future.

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Fraser Park is VP Strategic Sales at Huddly Inc. Fraser writes on innovation, technology, entrepreneurship, startups, video conferencing, collaboration and lots of other interesting things.

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