Instagram doubled its iOS ratings in a week thanks to this in-app review popup!

On Monday, I was taking a look at Instagram’s reviews and noticed something unusual.

Instagram just doubled their number of ratings on the US app store — adding 2M+ in just a week!

These are the graphs from Appbot courtesy of Stuart Hall:

Their average rating went up nicely too:

Thanks to Julien Chaumond and Célian Moutafis, I discovered that it was mostly driven by this in-app popup, that they’ve been showing to way more users than usual:

What an amazing result for such a simple popup (of course in addition to the 800M MAU of Instagram)!

If you haven’t implemented it yet, PUT IT ON TOP OF YOUR AGENDA NOW!

This is how we implemented it at Hugging Face. By triggering it only for users who said they would rate the app at least ⭐⭐⭐⭐, we increased drastically the number of feedback by session while improving the overall quality of them:

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