Dressed and Swaddled!

One thing that Hugh needs to do before going home is to learn to maintain his body temperature on his own. Through now, Hugh lays in his heated isolette with just a diaper on. The isolette monitors his temperature constantly and adjusts the heat inside automatically.

Yesterday, his nurse Julie decided he was steady enough to get dressed and swaddled. It was the cutest thing yet. Julie and I were both hysterically laughing at the cuteness as she put on the giant kimono shirt (it’s one size fits all!), and while I took tons of pictures, and Hugh looked at us all stone-cold serious.

Kimono shirt is like a robe on Hugh.
He likes to keep his hands near his face.
chubby hands!

His isolette is still a bit warmed, but it’s not reacting to his body temperature anymore. He did so great — he stayed warm but not too warm all through the night. Next step will be to turn off the heat completely. Then to an open crib!

In the next few weeks, I think we’ll see some more good steps toward normalcy like this one. They lowered his CPAP pressure down to the lowest setting this week — the final step before coming off completely. He still has an occasional spell, and drifts here and there. But we’re getting close. I can’t wait to see his nose without the CPAP!

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