Hooked up

Hugh’s been hooked up to so much since he was born. I think it can look a bit intimidating, but less so (and even incredible) when you know what each connection is doing for him.

The most important thing that’s helping him is the CPAP (Continuous Positive Air Pressure) machine. That connects to the tubes at his nose. Hugh has been breathing on his own since birth. The CPAP machine only provides a positive flow of air to his nose that encourages him to take breaths. It’s held in place by his hat and some safety pins.

In his first few days, he had two lines in his belly button — one connected to an artery to draw blood as needed, and one to a vein to provide IV nutrition. Both not needed anymore, and gone now.

A feeding tube is through his mouth. A sensor under a heart-shaped sticker monitors his surface temperature. Three tape sensors on his chest and belly monitor his pulse. A cuff on his foot monitors his oxygen level. His isolette is temperature and humidity controlled. And that’s it! He does everything on his own for the most part.

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