Hugh at home

It’s been AMAZING to all be under the same roof together finally! Hugh is such a good, easy baby. He leaves us plenty of time between feedings, but keeps us awake at night with his really loud grunting (apparently it’s a preemie thing). He gained almost 3 pounds in his first few weeks at home…to 11.5 pounds!

All four of us have been home together for the past few weeks since Adam had paternity leave time to use up and Arlo is no longer going to daycare. Lots and lots of together time! Hugh got home just in time to enjoy some fall weather, so we’ve been going for walks and taking Arlo to the playgrounds, but mostly just been HOME together.

Arlo is tickled by Hugh. He is mostly in his own world and doesn’t notice him, but when he does, he smiles, giggles, strokes Hugh’s head, and makes sure that Hugh has access to his binkie.

Hugh’s first bath at home…

Months ago, I had gotten my heart set on having Hugh home for Halloween — so we could all walk around the neighborhood together, run into our neighborhood friends, stop by our regular places with the kids. And we did it! Hugh was wrapped up under my sweater, and only the eyes of his tree frog costume were visible. Arlo’s Paul Revere costume was a HUGE hit and attracted lots of attention on the streets.

Hugh has been staying awake more and more during the day to “play”. I think Arlo appreciates the company down on the floor.

Doc appointments fill a nice chunk of our time now. On top of regular pediatrician appointments and weight checks, he is eligible for loads more follow up because of his prematurity — early intervention to track his development, eye exams, a monthly vaccination through the winter to protect him against respiratory syncytial virus (RSV), and routine infant follow up at Children’s Hospital.

The NICU already feels like forever ago. I have to remind myself of how far he has come, and what life was like at the end of July. And when I do, I feel so grateful that he’s with us at home, that he is so healthy, and that I can pick him up and kiss his face anytime I want to.