Single Doesn’t Mean Boring

Being single doesn’t mean you lack power or worth. You’re a boss, and always have been.

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Relationship goals this, cuffing season that. During a pandemic, what’s the rush into getting cooped up with someone? As they say, better alone than in poor company. And no, alone doesn’t mean miserable. Single doesn’t mean disempowered or unwanted.

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In celebration of the singles out there, here’s a love letter of just some of the things single means in this world.

Single means social self-starter

You’re the group chat leader and the one everyone turns to when they don’t know where the night should lead next. The party starts when you walk in. You’re the one that puts everyone at ease, gets everyone laughing, and yes, you’re the one tagged to get the drinks on the table.

As they say, better alone than in poor company.

To level up your host skills, Shaker & Spoon is offering a $10 off coupon for a first-time purchase of any of their mixology subscriptions this month. Code is JOINXO, and perfect to try out for a virtual Friendsgiving before you bring out the big guns for the December holidays. Or, just get your best friends together and do a video call while you all try out the same box together.

Single means culturally connected

You know the best jokes, are sending the most creative memes, and your Goodreads is an inspiration to us all. You don’t live under a rock — you live in a castle, and you keep careful watch.

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For our filmophiles, Miraya Berke, founder of Rom Com Fest, has a couple of recommendations. On Netflix, the South African movie Seriously Single, is “a story of learning how to be happy on your own and the ups and downs of the journey to get there.” For Gina Rodriguez fans, Someone Great is also on Netflix and is a feel-good film that “reminds us of the importance of friendship.” And of course, on-demand rental is the Emma Stone breakthrough Easy A. It’s been ten years, and yeah, it’s still a hit. Incredible Jessica James, 500 Days of Summer, and Napoleon Dynamite are some honorable mentions!

Watching movies, though, is only as good as the audience members. Jump on Kast and make it a shared experience with your friends and loved ones. Even if we all can’t be in the same place at once, we can still be feeling and laughing, live and in real-time, together.

Single means smart and open-hearted

You care for your world and everyone in it. Heck, the next tab on your Internet browser is how to be a more eco-friendly pet owner. Every being on this planet deserves love, and you know it best. No community is complete without caring for every being.

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To take care of the creatures in our lives, Sonali Nigam, founder of Petminded, suggests you open up these next few links to properly fill your tabs strip. Did you know pets teach us empathy, like, scientifically? And that a whole lab (pun intended) figured out that playing with dogs makes us happier and reduces stress?

Forming a deeper connection with your pets is just one way to level-up your self care. In the short term, it just makes you happier and less stressed, but over time, it helps you develop more secure attachment styles and develops your empathy and ability to relate to others. Sonali suggests that this skill can be built by playing and teaching new tricks to your pet and connecting with other pet lovers.

Single means 100% complete

There’s a lot of language out there about couples finding “their better half.” These sayings always confused me: Does this mean you only think of yourself as “half”? Are you just a wandering 50%? That doesn’t make sense at all.

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Take a minute and think of your child self. That kid was 100% you, 100% complete, 100% adventuresome. You are singularly strong, loved, and ready for the world. I can’t wait to see what you make of it.



Hugs & Kisses

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