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Hulu Tech
Oct 31, 2018 · 2 min read

By Yu Zhao, Senior Manager, Technical Program Management

A few weeks after Hulu’s Santa Monica and Seattle teams participated in their annual Hackathon, our Beijing office held its own celebration of innovative engineering. During the Beijing Hackathon, more than 150 engineers, TPMs (Technical Program Managers), and interns spent 32 hours collaborating on 35 brand new projects.

Teams produced a range of inventive projects, from AR-based “TV Comes True” to helpful tools for employees, like “Conference Room Robot”. Though these projects may not be incorporated into our product, Hulugans embraced fun, collaborated, and ultimately transformed their ideas into reality.

Here’s a taste of what Beijing Hulugans created:

TV Comes True

With this project, viewers can scan a poster and play the selected show.

Team: Tao Cheng, Xiongjian Ni, Weilong Cui

Face Recognition Login

With this feature, a viewer could login to Hulu using their face. The team also used blockchain to store the audit log so that no one could manipulate the data.

Team: Yichen Wei, Qinlong Guo, Lai Wei, Wentao Ma, Meng Zhou, Yuan Qiu

Conference Room Robot

This project provides more detailed information about conference rooms directly in Outlook. For Hulugans looking to book meeting rooms, they can see information regarding seating capacity, audio/visual capacity, and maps.

Team: Anning Luo, Chang Wu, Tianhao Cao, Peikai Zheng, Quanlong Huang

If you’re interested in working on projects like these and powering play at Hulu, see our current job openings here.

Hulu Tech blog

Hulu Tech blog

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