When Innovation Meets Creativity and Coffee — Hulu Hackathon in Santa Monica

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Hulu Tech
Aug 16, 2018 · 3 min read

By Andres Rangel, Director, Software Development

During the annual Hulu Hackathon this August, engineers, designers, product managers, and interns across Hulu spent 24 hours collaborating on more than 25 brand new projects.

The result? Innovative and surprising projects that benefit Hulu viewers and employees in wildly creative and technically accomplished ways. Though not all of the projects will become part of our product or infrastructure, this year’s Hulu Hackathon projects were a testament to how Hulugans embrace fun — and always put the viewer first.

The Hulu Hackathon culminated in afternoon presentations with hundreds of Hulugans from our tech offices watching and participating.

In projects like Hulu Night Mode and Hucheevo — a system that would introduce a dynamic social media element to Hulu’s viewer experience — Hulugans imagined new approaches to the viewer experience. Other projects, like the Snack Tracker — a system of (you guessed it) tracking the Hulu offices’ many and varied snacks via crowdsourced information — spoke to Hulu’s culture.

Speaking of snacks, here’s a taste of what Hulugans created last week:

Your Year in Hulu

A standalone web and mobile web app. Viewers can log in to their Hulu account at the end of 2018 to view data from the past calendar year.

Team: Brittnee Cann, Theo Robinson, Rae Haskell


Creates viewer “achievements” unlocked by habitual viewing and watching new and different content. Rewards those with many points and achievements through promotions.

Team: Michael Zou, Jeff Dyck, Wotong Shen

Bottle and crown icons made by Freepik from www.flaticon.com

Night Mode

A dark/night mode to ease eye strain, especially in the evening.

Team: Arielle Jayme, Richard Guzikowski, Nat Vargas


Uses sensors to track levels in the Hulu offices’ beer, wine and cold brew kegs.

Team: David Block, Grivan Thapar, Trevor Grayson, Austin Horning

Snack Tracker

An internal use application that allows Hulugans to track their favorite snacks and drinks, filter among all the food and drinks available at Hulu, and make requests for any item they want in their kitchens.

Team: Srivarsha Nandula, Raisa Janjua, Keerthanaa Saminathan, Emily Rapada

If you’re interested in working on projects like these and powering play at Hulu, see our current job openings here.

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