An Unforgettable Year

An article by Julia Nimke about Adobe’s Creative Residency

Dolomites I Work created during my Residency as part of my project

At the time that I applied to the Creative Residency, I was working a day job and spending my freetime working on pro bono assignments and projects. All my time was consumed, and I was beginning to rethink whether I wanted to maintain that kind of lifestyle.

A friend of mine taught me how important it is to focus my energy on one thing at a time. In a world that is ever increasingly becoming faster and more complex, time is a luxury.

If you were to ask me what the Creative Residency at Adobe is, my first answer would definitely be: time. More specifically, it has given me a whole year to pursue what I want to develop and try out, artistically. The Residency is, for me, a tableau of possibilities that I appreciate every day. The scholarship sounds like a fairy tale — and it is! — you’ll get artistic freedom and financial support for a year, as well as mentorship from big names in your field of specialty as you work on the proposed project concept of your dreams.

From my project “Folk tales”

My project:

During the Residency, especially at the beginning, I learned what my limits were and how to push them. A big part of being a resident is sharing your process and vision on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Blogs), as well as talking at events. Right during the first month of the Residency, I gave a talk at the TYPO Berlin Conference, which, with over 1200 participants, is one of the largest design conferences in Europe. I frequently have to illustrate my ideas, give visibility into my work processes, and even conduct interviews. All of this has made me more self-confident and reflective about my work.

What the residency has given me:

In recent months, I’ve been to Adobe in the States three times, have traveled through 10 countries for my project, have met mentors and role models, and have participated in workshops that have broadened my horizons. I’ve given 6 lectures, participated in 2 live streams, have made friends with the other Residents, and built a close connection to my mentor Julieanne Kost (Lightroom guru and Adobe evangelist).

What to know when applying:

When you apply, make sure that your concept will challenge you. The Residency year is about evolving, trying out new techniques, and moving into fields you’re not yet comfortable with. It’s not about mastering everything, but rather playing with the techniques and skills you bring with you. Know that you have to give lectures and that it can be a bit scary to speak to a large crowd of people, but also know that it gets better the more you do it — I promise! Be there with all your heart, then it will be a year that you certainly won’t forget. The application process will start end of January. To find out more about the Residency check this link:

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