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D&CT is a community about building a shared understanding & collective knowledge at the intersection of different practices. We want to cross the boundaries of design, innovation, tech, change, management, ethics, (and more) to engage in discussions that bridge disciplines.
Note from the editor

We believe that Business, Design, and Technology should all join forces to do what matters the most: answering people’s needs, pains, gains, in respect with their contexts. This where innovation lies!

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Editor & Founder
Kevin Richard
Senior Designer & Strategist in the🇨🇭Banking industry. Critical / Design / Systems thinker, learner, practitioner —Design as a catalyst for change.
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Corina Lupu
J’accompagne les individus et les organisations pour que nous puissions travailler différemment. | www.sticla.co
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Alexis Gerome
UX practitioner fighting for a more human world within and outside organisations. French-Brazilian, helping product teams to talk to their users @TestingTime.
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Christophe Pian
Design Thinking Lead @ Credit Suisse | Co-founder & UX Designer @ www.thecolony.agency. I’m a human centred design zealot and an agile and lean evangelist.
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Maziyar ID
Author, Honorary Reporter in topics: Literature, Politics; History, and Philosophy | Contact: (+44) 7520660342 | Treat me a Coffee: Patreon.com/Maziyar
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Kishan Salian
UX Manager, Mentor, Story Teller and Observant / kishanvs@gmail.com / www.designimpacts.com /