Dining hall, at Pennsylvania’s The Hill School; Don Jr. and Eric Trump’s 9–12 alma matter. Image totally swiped w/o permission.

American Skittles

As such: 1.3% of the bowl’s Skittles, are lethal.


4.5 is the US murder and non-negligent homicide rate from 2014 (450 offenses for every 100,000 ppl), which is the lowest that number has gotten since the early 1960s. (6)
1.4 is Canada’s homicide rate, in contrast. (5)
6.2 is the rate of Black Americans (per 1,000,000) killed by those paid to protect and serve our communities. (7)
2.1 (per 1,000,000) is the rate at which White Americans are killed by those same officers, in contrast. (7)
…and, ok: the Black-on-Black homicide rate is high, at 90%, but the White-on-White homicide rate is not far off, at 82.4%; so the point with the prior always being cited, is… ??? (7)

A 1.3% mortality rate represents one mighty safe bowl of Skittles, as analogous to society.

Sexual Assault

14.8% of all American women, have been raped. (3)
28% of women serving in the US Military report having been raped while in service. (4)

Rape survivors comprise the largest percentage of Americans living with PTSD.

89% of sexual assaults involve no weapons. (1)
70% of sexual assault perpetrators are known to their victims. (1)
10.8% of all college men are considered rapists, by the FBI’s definition. (2)
57% of sexual assault perpetrators are White. (1)

White heterosexual men above age 24, not in the military, college educated, physically-abled, and in good mental health, are the least likely population in our country to personally experience trauma from human violence.

Empathy matters

67% of Americans are White (8)
76% of Americans identify as Christian (8)
Only 1.5% of American households earn $250k or more. (8) Trump Jr is more likely in the +0.5%, but the 1.5% felt like a safe assumed bracket.


Regrettably, Don Jr and many others point to immigrant American residents and many others of dark skin-tone and non-Judeo-Christian identity, as factors in much of the crime we all experience in the United States. Unfortunately the US Census Bureau tracks Black, White, Asian, and Latinx peoples differently, across the “Race” and “Ethnicity” categories. People from the Middle East, Africa, India, or the difference between multi-generation Latinx Americans and new immigrants from Mexico or South America, all get lumped into “other.”



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