An unsettling image of a bloody 5-year old Syrian boy surfaces throughout the world

A photograph of a 5-year old Syrian boy was taken, after a bombing took place in a rebel-held section in Aleppo, Syria on Wednesday night. The young boy, Omran Daqneesh, his parents and three siblings were rescued from their destroyed home. Video footage and photographs circled around the world this past week of Omran, while he sat quietly and lost on the orange seat inside an ambulance. The video footage shows the young boy covered in blood and debris from the explosion, he quietly wipes his face and stares back at his palm, with no reaction, the boy quickly wipes his small palm full of mud and blood on the seat. There were no screams coming from Omran, his tiny legs innocently dangled over the seat while he sat bewildered and speechless. According to Scott Simon from NPR News, “Roughly 1 in 4 refugees in the world today, almost five million people, are Syrian. Many risk their lives to leave, rather than stay in place that seems to offer only the certainty of death, while international figures conduct long conferences to no result.” Omran and his family escaped the bombing in Alecco, but its difficult to imagine that they will be safe if they remain anywhere else in Syria.

Omnar Daqneesh was injured after airstrikes bombed his home in Aleppo. Anadolu Agency/Getty Images

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