How the evolution of Technology and Healthcare continues to put Politics to shame

As anyone who has followed the U.S Primaries will testify, American and global politics has become more preoccupied with bluster and personalities than core issues. This is reflected by the rise of Donald Trump and the often ugly nature of his campaign, which relied on patriotic rhetoric and fear rather than cold, hard facts.

The mere fact that global politics is driven primarily by vapid ideology is bad enough, but it is even more unforgivable when you consider the age in which we live. After all, we are able to capture and analyse copious amounts of data in the contemporary climate, which in turn has led to considerable evolution in the fields of science, technology and healthcare.

How Unity and Collaboration drives Evolution

Of course, there is an interesting lesson to be learned here. Not only are disciplines such as scientific research, technological innovation and the delivery of healthcare benefiting from a rapid and detail-led evolution, but exponents of these sectors are collaborating to enhance the world in which we live. There are numerous examples of this across the globe, as people strive to combine alternative data-sets and findings to enhance multiple markets and sectors.

Look at the world of healthcare, for example, which itself was founded on ideology and theories rather than scientific fact. Nothing could be further from the truth in 2016, however, with modern products and treatments carefully designed to drive both prevention and effective cures. Even modern mattresses are now manufactured from responsive materials, which retain heat and meld to the shape of each individual body to provide optimal back support.

Modern mattresses embody the best in technological and healthcare collaborations

Even with simple innovations such as this, it is easy to see how the accrual of scientific data and its implementation is improving all types of preventative and reactive healthcare for citizens.

Why Politics continues to Lag Behind

If you chart the history of concepts such as healthcare and scientific thinking, you will see that ideology and values were far more influential than logic or fact. This state of affairs is no longer the case, however, liberating minds and knocking down the boundaries that once segregated science, technology and healthcare in the process. While politics has endured a more tempestuous journey through the ages and benefited from intermittent periods of both enlightenment and prejudice, it is sadly regressing and once again creating divides within multi-cultural nations.

From the Brexit debate to Trump’s generalised and ill-considered ‘policies’, we are seeing a modern political world where spin and downright lies are more convincing than simple facts. This is creating dangerous and extreme ideologies in different parts of the world, which in turn is altering perspectives and inspiring feelings of fear, resentment and in some instances hate. As a result people are encouraged to vote with their instinct and emotions, rather than being presented with the facts that can help them to make an informed and beneficial decision.

The Last Word

How long this continues for has yet to be seen, but you may ask what the core difference is between fields such as technology and healthcare and politics? In essence it is that the former disciplines will always be driven by the needs of people and society, whereas the political arena remains malleable to the machinations of ego-driven and self-serving individuals. As long as this is the case, politics will struggle to evolve at the pace of the rest of the world.

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