I’m making learning greater, cheaper, and more fun than schools — and I need your help

Erik Finman
Feb 5, 2016 · 4 min read

I’m known for making $100,000 at 15 and start an education company (big announcement coming for that shortly).

I love education, but I hated school. I went to 8 different schools; public schools, charter schools, homeschooling, and private schools. One teacher gave me a stutter, another told me to drop out and work at McDonalds.

My education started when I left school at 15.

Kids in school today are doing their homework out of fear and pressure, not for the love learning. They’re spending sleepless nights studying to take ineffective tests for subjects they’ll forget about in a week’s time.

I’m changing that.

Imagine a world where people of every age walk into a learning center with the same excitement as a 5 year old girl walking into Disney World.

Imagine a website for learning as addictive as Facebook.

Imagine an app where you can ask Elon Musk, will.i.am, and John Oliver questions.

That is what I’m building and I need people who are passionate about education, able to work full time, and are great at what they do!

Join the team:

Head of Communications

Your main job will be to write really good emails, articles, and implement my PR plan. You don’t need PR experience, I will teach you what to do.


  • For Press
    Find hot press topics I can be involved in (I’ve been in the press many times so it’s not too hard). Write great emails explaining how I can be in the story, or my comment on the story. Find press contact email, and send initial email and follow up. Writing must be excellent so they open the email, and are interested to run my piece. Soon every month I will be making an announcement, and I need those to go to the press. You will need to find press to run my stories.
  • For Speaking:
    Find events and conferences using, and email them to get me speaking engagements. Again email writing abilities must be incredible. You will have a lot of help from my own speaking contacts.
  • Manage my calendar and email

I need an excellent writer who knows how to hustle and think of creative solutions to get things done.

Need to be tenacious to make these happen. I need someone who is passionate about improving society and education, good at learning on the fly, and managing multiple things at once.

I’m going to give you this test project after our first talk:

Read up on me (Erik Finman), to see the press and speaking engagements I’ve got in the past. Find an event/conference you think would be interested in having me speak. Find the names and emails of the event organizers, and craft individual emails to them. Don’t send the email. Submit it to me so I can see your work.

Community Builder:

I need someone who can manage a Facebook page, Twitter, and Instagram, Reddit, Youtube, and join/share other emerging social networks (Like Peach or Anchor). The person needs to also engage with people on the page itself and on other pages. Should know how to create a content publishing plan so we can plan out posts ahead of time. You’ll have a designer and video editor at your disposal to create posts.

I really want to focus on education, but not in the traditional way which frankly is boring. We want to be fun, informative.

30% serious posts like Trump and Bernie

70% Light using emojis and gifs like @producthunt, but still talking about serious topics. Should be a blend of @danscavino and @producthunt.

Need to be asking people to participate and get involved in the conversation like how @producthunt gets people to do live chats. They have a lot of creative tweets to get people to do AMAs on their site.

Need to be a part of the conversation, like @slack and also being serious like a lot of tech investors. Offering serious thoughts and viewpoints to people like Chris Sacca, Marc Andreessen, Semil, and Hunter Walk do on Twitter.
And for some, just reply with a gif or emoji.
Do this for people mentioning us, and for our list of top people we’ll create, and #Education and #EdTech hashtags

Respond to live events. Like watching the SXSW Edu lifestreams and live tweeting it.

Respond to current events with tweets, blog posts posts, photos, and videos as they happen.

I’m going to give you this test project after our first talk:

Write 20 sample tweets based on the description above so I can see your work.

Graphic and Brand Designer:

I need design work for social media posts.

You will work with my Social Media Manager to create images and infographics that brings the content to life.

We want our brand to come across as informative, fun and current. Our social media manager is portraying that with the content, and we need your designs to align with it.

Send me your portfolio of work and/or for a test project after our first talk:

Create a sample social media image based on education stats in the United States.

Android Developer

I’ve found a way to give anyone access to VR for a very affordable price. And along with that we can do great things in Education.

We need a great Android developer that is comfortable programming for VR.

Send me your portfolio of work.

iOS Developer : JOB FILLED

Web and Mobile Designer: JOB FILLED

Video Editor/Animator: JOB FILLED

DM on Twitter describing how you can help for any of these roles and follow to keep updated

Human Development Project

A disruptive digital storytelling project supporting humanitarian initiatives, freeing shackled minds, and amplifying the voices of the oppressed.

Erik Finman

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17 | One of @TIME’s most Influential Teens | ❤ Edu & Bitcoin

Human Development Project

A disruptive digital storytelling project supporting humanitarian initiatives, freeing shackled minds, and amplifying the voices of the oppressed.

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