Is There a Line?

Oreoluwa Agunbiade
Mar 16, 2017 · 4 min read
That’s quite Enough!

First and foremost, I believe I should provide some cultural context; I am a Nigerian born in the twilight of the 80’s and I am not aiming to be politically correct in this piece.

It has been quite a while I wrote anything not specifically for an academic or professional purpose.

I’ll just start and see where it leads.

How to even begin?

Ever heard of morals? Yeah, that word so endangered that perhaps the Webster dictionary will - soon enough - add it to the list of English words that are now outdated - gone into the oblivion - and would once and for all, solve some real estate issues in the dictionary and just remove it completely. Because, let’s be honest, who really knows what that is anymore? You really cannot look at the world right now and honestly say that the world cares to consider what morality is anymore.

What is morally right, what isn’t? It should be clear, right? At least growing up, that was what I was taught. Now, the world is constantly challenging and trying to force me to subconsciously accept that certain strange concepts are now entirely acceptable norms. What scares me is this; is there a line that we — as a race — will not cross? Is there?

There was a time when a man simply plaiting his hair was almost abominable.

There was a time when a lady living with a man, to whom she isn’t married, was largely frowned upon to say the least.

There was a time when there was some sanctity to marriage.

There was a time when the words and actions of religious leaders were consistent with the teachings in their holy books.

There was a time when having a child out of wedlock was sufficient to make one ashamed in society.

There was a time when a marriage was the union of a man and a woman and not any other random permutation of sexes.

There was a time when looters of public funds were shunned by the society.

There was a time when Public office holders were expected to be nearly impeccable.

Do we really still care about all that?

Now we live in a world of penis enlargements, breast implants and all kinds of incredible reconstructive surgeries to the extent that there are tales of a man who went under the knife multiple times to have the appearance of an alien.

In a world of open relationships, where sending nudes and making sex tapes are just few of the things we do for sexual expression.

In a world where a pussy-grabbing contestant wins the Presidential Election of a great Nation while riding on a divisive rhetoric.

In a world wherein there’s no such thing as indecent dressing.

In a world where nearly every modern TV show has at least a gay couple or a transgender. Think about it.

In a world of Gay Priests molesting children.

In a world of test tube babies and surrogate mothers.

In a world where human-animal pornography is a thriving industry.

We see, we experience and/or practice most of these things without a second thought now. Perhaps just chuckle and move on.

In our collective fight for freedom; freedom to be free from oppression, freedom to not be judged based on gender, race or skin color, freedom to live as we please, freedom to choose a religion, etcetera, is there a line we will not cross? A freedom too barbaric to be allowed?

Moderation in all things. Not so?

While the quest for freedom has had many legit triumphs, when do we decide that enough is enough and our moral compass is about to break? How, who or what will help decide when and where that line is to be drawn?

In say 50 years;

Will it be ok to marry a donkey or cow legally?

Will it be ok to have intercourse in public places?

Will underage sex no longer be a crime?

Will it be cool to undergo plastic surgery to have the penis of a horse?

Will it be acceptable medical advancement to simply grow babies and do away with wombs & pregnancies?

Will it be fine to have a convicted criminal as President?

Will the new social rave be orgies being televised live on National channels?

Will it be alright to have reconstructive surgery to change a human being into a dog but still retain human rights?

Do you think it’s a stretch too far out of reality?

Think of where we are now and how much it will really take to get to the points above. Do you think people born in the 1700’s could have imagined the world which we presently live in?

I worry about tomorrow, the world into which our children will be born. So I ask; is there such a thing as too much freedom? Let’s face it, we can be excessive and we have already started down a slippery slope. I really worry, do you?

Human Development Project

A disruptive digital storytelling project supporting humanitarian initiatives, freeing shackled minds, and amplifying the voices of the oppressed.

Oreoluwa Agunbiade

Written by

Elect. Engineer by training. Ex Telecoms Project Manager. Now Software Developer @Andela. Basketball junkie & Soccer fanatic.

Human Development Project

A disruptive digital storytelling project supporting humanitarian initiatives, freeing shackled minds, and amplifying the voices of the oppressed.

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