I am strongly convinced,
That my Black was there since the beginning of time,
When the world was created and even before civilization became mainstream.
My Black was even there before the term black (Negro) was coined, during the 1800s.
Even before the exploration of Sub-Saharan Africa in the 15th century, during the age of Discovery, my black was there.
My Black is no longer 15th century, it is in fact 21st century.
My Black is progressive.
My Black was never stronger than it is now and I won’t break, no matter how hard they try to stump on me, hoping that at some point, they would break me, if they relentlessly continue to oppress me.
They will not succeed, indeed they shall not.
My Black shall conquer any injustice committed against me.
My Black is God given and me, thus my black is unapologetic.
My Black is strong.
My Black is multi-dimensional, complicated and many different things beyond the color of my skin or the nature of my kinky hair.
It is more than just my ethnicity or race.
My Black is stronger than standards of beauty I am forced to live up to.
My Black is human,
My Black is compassionate.
My Black gives me the power, to step into my own peculiar trajectory and destiny.
I do not blame them,
For not being able to understand my Black, because it took me a long time, to fully comprehend, accept and step into the power of my Blackness.
Now that I do, I am unashamed and proud of who and what I am in my Blackness.
They may try to enslave and keep me in darkness and bondage but like a phoenix from the ashes, my Black shall rise and prevail.
My voice will be heard.
They may shoot me, spite me and even dismiss me all they want but still, they will never kill my Black.
Because even in despair, my Black comforts me.
My Black is too strong to be broken and so is yours.
And thus, like mine,
your Black is valid too.

By H. H. Lyonga

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