South Sudan on Leading Position in Crimes against Humanity

Child soldiers fighting on both sides of South Sudan’s civil war. AFP: Charles Lomodong

On Friday, the United Nations have accused the army groups of President Salva Kiir and his ex-deputy Riek Machar for crimes against humanity in South Sudan.

The ethnic clashes between the government forces and the rebels have left 300 people dead and 217 cases of sexual violence in the Juba capital only for the period 8th-25th July. The essence and frequency of the registered crimes place South Sudan on leading position (78.18%) in the Crime Index chart 2016.

The Juba capital is not the single region of intensive conflicts. Since the Presidential elections in 2011 the state has been divided in several territories of political struggles between the two groups.

During the same period the UN is in charge to protect the Sudanese civilians, to monitor the human rights in the state and to support the implementation of cessation of hostilities agreement.

Source: Joel Crosenberg