Young Africans Predisposition to LGBTI

What an average African will think of or hears one is gay is that the person is pervert and they begin to feel pity which later heightens into hatred or instant irritation. Mostly what comes up in most young Africans mind is overtly sex, feeling one cant reproduce with the status of LGBTI.

Young Africans believe if one is Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or worse Intersexual that person is cursed, it is traditionally verified in most African settings and has the utmost punishment of banishment into a forbidden forest. Although this believe comes from a generally accepted believe that any one with LGBTI status cannot reproduce so as much “cannot justify the existence of life.”

However many young Africans of this era are very discreet of their sex life and won’t want to openly come out to announce their status with the fear of being maligned by the society but most of the young people especially students have indulged themselves in orgies that might make them fall on the status of being LGBTI.

Most people are however oblivious to the fact that being LGBTI is not really about sexuality, rather it’s about ones personality. Many Africans still can’t forgive the Barrack Obama led administration for the passing of the LGBTI rights into law which is influencing the African continent back here.

Many African countries has sanctioned the rights out rightly excluding it from human rights, countries like Nigeria has labeled the LGBTI status as “infidelity” while some call it “moral decadence.” Actually if infidelity were to be a global crime, countries like Nigeria would have 70% of her population in international prisons.

Most African countries have the tradition and culture that encourage polygamy; some traditions even establish it as a sign of wealth. Polygamy however is a civil crime in other parts of the world and could cause dissolution of matrimony.

Although what is said to be crime differs in different climes, most sex related crime like rape, incest, child sex, child trafficking are almost legal in Africa due to the fact that most countries have no agency or government parastatal checkmating them.

One of Africa’s vilest traditions is the Female Genitals Mutilation FGM which is believed to reduce a female child’s sexual urge and in the future reducing risk for her to become a prostitute or a lesbian, but should this be so?

In Africa today they a limited or low profile FGM activist because many are with the believe it is dead or the girl education is a bigger cause to focus on for now. The Male Sexual Organ Mutilation too is very common, rampant unchecked in African communities worldwide.

This may be the greatest form of human right violation ever experienced in silence, although many young Africans never grew up to remember they have been strip of their natural ability to sex, or let’s say reined in to the confine of being straight.

It’s a right to life that when we live, all aspect of living should live with us including freedom to sex and to sexuality #Africaisthefuture.

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