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Our third edition of Human Factors and Change has a different flavour from our previous two. This edition examines skills and tools supporting our business communication efforts. What change and project professionals would not like a boost in this area?

We share our insights on communications tools that many change…

Sheer bloody-mindedness: the profound fighting spirit of high-achieving project professionals

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“God give me the serenity to accept project scope changes, difficult stakeholders and unforeseen project problems,

The courage to achieve things within my control: how I show up to my projects and the energy and tenacity to get my deliverables…

Can psychological principles and insights inform mass influence for change professionals?

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“Executives at companies that took the time and trouble to address mind-sets were four times more likely than those that didn’t to rate their change programs as at least “successful.”” …

What have I just agreed to deliver?

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You get a tap on the shoulder. It’s a request by a leader in your organisation. What happens if you have to run a workshop that isn’t within your comfort zone? For whatever reason, you are not in a position to say no…

“I distinguish four types. There are clever, hardworking, stupid, and lazy officers. Usually two characteristics are combined. Some are clever and hardworking; their place is the General Staff.

The next ones are stupid and lazy; they make up 90 percent of every army and are suited to routine duties. Anyone…

Practical advice and tools for operational leaders seeking better “mass influence” capability

Change leadership is an investment.

You might lead several small teams and a sizeable budget. Your team managers are capable and focus on their areas of expertise. Yet when you try to introduce a change to your teams, employees struggle to adjust. Your…

A business communication haiku

Kill your darlings,

Walk in reader’s shoes,

Clear and disciplined.

An overview of three ways to improve your business communications


- Discipline: Gain attention and influence through systematic discipline.

- Empathy: Give attention to gain attention.

- Perspective: How does your “writing personality” influence your success?

Why start this article with a haiku? A haiku…

Are you a project or change professional looking to connect the dots with greater ease? Look no further.

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A more innovative way to learn

I remember watching the movie Limitless, and it made me think about how we use our brain’s potential. Eddie Morra is the main character who is introduced to a wonder drug. This…

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Monday third of August 1998. The day I started my business career. I am temporarily living at my grandma’s place in Sydney, having moved from my home on the Central Coast. Sydney is in the middle of a cryptosporidium outbreak. For some strange reason, on that very morning, the hot…

We all filed into the meeting room. I had booked room 6.01, a huge workshop room. A giant AV screen, podium at the front — massive sticky notes to the sides of the room.

Just about everyone had shown up. The minutes tick closer to the start time.

I look…

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