The second edition of Human Factors and Change

Hello there! I hope you enjoyed the first edition of HF & C. Please let me know if you didn’t receive this and would like a copy.

While Human Factors and Change helps you learn techniques to change others, this edition helps you change… well, you!

I am delighted to bring you our second edition of Human Factors and Change.

Please enjoy an eight-part series on powerful sports and performance psychology techniques and insights. We explain how each technique helps you become a higher-performing business professional.

Expect some thought-provoking material and ideas to consider and practice. See what “inner game” techniques work for you! These ideas may evolve from knowing to doing to being. To understand these “inner game” concepts, try them out during the next day you are at work. Then aim to make these techniques ongoing behaviours. Over time, the “mental skills repertoire” you enjoy from our second edition of Human Factors and Change becomes a habit.

Enjoy each article and let us know how you go. You can reach me at

Sport Psychology for Project, Change and Business Leaders everywhere (8-part series):

Our next edition of HF & C has yet a different flavour: Communications and film/video production. Many of you might hail from these backgrounds, and I’m keen to hear your thoughts. We also interview a leader in the organisational change profession.

Until then, stay safe — I hope you enjoy our second edition!



Organisational change, behavioural design and coaching psychology insights — practical and research informed. Clever ways to put a dent in the world.

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Allan Owens

Senior organisational change manager. Provisional Psychologist. Author of The Change Manager’s Companion.