What is our position within the ecosystem?

Fashion is a choice everybody makes daily, even if you claim you don’t care about fashion and trends your choices of clothing represent your identity, who you are, and how the outside world will perceive you.

The history of textiles is nearly as old as human civilization and as time has passed the making of textiles and the choices of materials have changed, and technologies have developed. Wearing a piece of clothing is an entirely distinguishing feature of the human species and is found in most societies. Anthropologists believe that animal skins and vegetation were adapted into coverings as protection from cold, heat, and rain, especially as humans migrated to different climates. The clothes we are wearing and the textiles we are using represent the materials and technologies accessible in different civilizations at different times. The variety and distribution of clothing and textiles within a society reveal social customs and culture.

What does the current technology of textile production tell about our society? The polluting and exploitative source of materials, far away production, and the extremely destructive chemical processes have a huge negative impact on the environment but also on a social level. In many aspects of today’s world, the technology in other industries evolved to make our life easier, but the technology in the textile industry is far behind our highspeed travels and our smart homes. The fashion industry might give an identity, but it also destroys the living environment.

We are the only species on this planet who decided to cover our bodies with materials that do not belong to us, with a reason to protect our bodies or express our identities. What does this extremely destructive practice say about humanity? And where does the current material usage put us within the ecosystem? The dependence and addiction of major fashion brands to synthetic fibers made from fossil fuels are fueling the plastic pollution and climate crisis that has a major impact not just on our own health but on the entire ecosystem.

What if we would not disturb the ecosystem, what if we could become part of the ecosystem again, what if the materials we use would have zero negative impact on the environment? What could then our textile technology tell about our current culture?

Human Material Loop took the mission with a belief that we can become part of the ecosystem again, using a material that does belong to us in the first place to create a guiltless textile and fashion industry.

How? — by using our own waste hair to develop high-performing textiles.

Human Material Loop is not a tech company but uses human tech to develop high-performance textiles — because nothing is stronger than you.



We are a material innovation company utilising waste keratin protein fiber for the development of high-performing products across industries. www.humanmaterialloop.com

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Zsofia Kollar

Designer, Researcher, Founder — Human Material Loop, Author — Object-Oriented Identity