Apple is second only to Rolex in revenue from watches

Apple vs the World

The watches industry is still in denial though. From a watch-enthusiasts blog:

All of this is not meant to reignite the debate, “is the Apple Watch a watch?” I am simply saying that for those interested in fine, long-lasting mechanical wrist watches, be they from Seiko or Patek Philippe, an Apple Watch with its inherently limited lifespan is no replacement. The graphic seems to imply that it is. And while there is certainly a degree of functionality offered by the Apple Watch not available in a classic wrist watch, and to that there is some merit worth noting, the watch making world’s biggest problem is not the Apple Watch.

Full read: Apple Watch Second Only to Rolex in Worldwide Sales, but What Does It Mean? — worn&wound

Originally published at The Markos Giannopoulos Blog.

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