How to export and manage all your Kindle highlights

Web app of the day: (free) is a handy service allowing you to export/backup and manage your highlighted texts from your Kindle device.

You can:
 — Browse your Kindle highlights online
 — Import your Kindle highlights from any device
 — Edit and annotate your Kindle highlights and notes
 — Search your Kindle highlights online
 — Export your Kindle highlights to Word, Excel and PDF
 — Save your Kindle highlights to Evernote

All it take is connecting your Kindle via USB and uploading the “clippings.txt” which you can find just by browsing the device. There is also a Chrome extension which makes the process even simpler.

Your highlights are indexed by book which you can further categorise in collections. You can of course share highlights and also perform searches like BookTitle:”Monty Python” AND content:”we eat ham and jam and Spam a lot”

Access it here

Originally published at The Markos Giannopoulos Blog.

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