21 Hard Choices On The Way To Your Highest Self

Art by Emily May Rose

“The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is an attribute for the strong.” Mahatma Ghandi

People think they’re making disciplined decisions while they they’re making lazy ones.

The cop who pulled out the gun and chose to fire.

The world leader who thought fighting war with more war made sense.

Often we consider these choices as ‘hard choices’ or ‘unpopular’ choices that require ‘discipline’ to make.

When in fact, those choices are the easy way out which isn’t disciplined.

Discipline is taking the higher path that raises humanities consciousness — aligned with the powerful, not the forceful.

It’s an ambiguously defined word that needs re-invention.

Right now it’s defined in the following two ways:

“the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.”


“a branch of knowledge, typically one studied in higher education.”

When people think of the word discipline, they think of sacrifice and hardship for a future pay off.

I don’t like this definition because disciplining others and the way we often discipline ourselves is forced down upon us by an external force, authority or worse yet, our external circumstances.

The discipline of dieting because we want to look good instead of eating right to feel our best.

Or the discipline of harsh religious ritual and having an authority tell us what’s right and wrong.

That’s not discipline, rather that’s being disciplined and submitting. Have the discipline to not submit.

I believe the discipline lies in taking ownership of our own choices, and making choices to always take the higher path for humanity’s benefit.

The discipline isn’t so much in the sacrifice and hardship of a any future pay off, that should be the new norm.

But in the assumptions and beliefs in which those choices are made.

The discipline takes place well before the choice or decision is made.

Every minute of every day is on the line.

Ie. the ‘hard choices’ that are unpopular and aren’t ideal, which lead to taking a lower path.

Or the path that wins a battle for a few, but loses the war, because, in the long run, it always comes back on us.

“Every civilization is characterized by native principles. If the principles of a civilization are noble, it succeeds; if they are selfish, it falls. As a term, “principles may sound abstract, but the consequences of principle are quite concrete. If we examine principles, we will see that they reside in an invisible real within consciousness itself. Although we can point out examples of honesty in the world, honesty itself is an organizing principle central to civilization is nowhere independently existent in the external world. True power, then, emanates from consciousness itself; what we see is a visible manifestation of the invisible.” — Legendary physician Sir David Dawkins

Here are 21 principles or choices I believe we all must share to re-invent and re-define what it means to be disciplined for the benefit of our world:

1. Discipline Is Replacing Your Low Standards With The Highest Standards

You’re capable of becoming and placing yourself in situations that make you rise to the occasion.

That’s the only difference between the President of the United States and you.

They placed themselves in more situations that forced them to become the person capable of becoming president.

What would have you achieve your ten year plan in six months?

Talk to the right decision maker.

Start there and aim high and build the skills and experience to reach fulfill that job or skill or etc.

The key is being able to last.

Email me a question in the comments and I’ll guide you happily.

The world is your oyster now with the internet.

There’s so much you can do to stay inspired and dominate a field and get all the satisfaction and fulfillment you can dream of.

Have the discipline to take advantage of that.

2. Discipline Is Following Your Higher Self, Not The Lower Egoic Self — No Matter What

Every time we face a situation, we have the choice of being pitiful and ‘right’. Or powerful at it’s expense.

Make the choice to follow your highest self no matter how pitiful the opposition you’re facing is.

Wake up and do what Marcus Aurileus did and tell yourself:

“The people I deal with today will be meddling, ungrateful, arrogant, dishonest, jealous and surly. They are like this because they can’t tell good from evil. But I have seen the beauty of good, and the ugliness of evil, and have recognized that the wrongdoer has a nature related to my own — not of the same blood and birth, but the same mind, and possessing a share of the divine. And so none of them can hurt me. No one can implicate me in ugliness. Nor can I feel angry at my relative, or hate him. We were born to work together like feet, hands and eyes, like the two rows of teeth, upper and lower. To obstruct each other is unnatural. To feel anger at someone, to turn your back on him: these are unnatural.”

*Be careful not to assume this in all people and make it your world view, but as a tactic for self preservation.

The key is to watch your assumptions in people over all.

3. Discipline Is Thinking For Yourself and Not Being Influenced By Other Forces

Build the confidence to give zero fucks about what others say or think.

You have one life to live. Ask yourself what you want from it and do what you like.

Put your parents aside, your siblings and friends.

People and family are over rated. It’s your life and they don’t want what’s best for you (most often without knowing it).

Ask yourself what you want and have the discipline to do it at the expense of the disapproval of others.

4. Discipline Is Making The Hard Choice Of Being Good Even In The Face of Evil

You have a choice to fight evil with good or fight evil with evil. You know what I’m talking about.

The war hero who assumes men are inherently good, not the forceful dictator who takes what he wants.

Have the discipline to fight evil with good.

5. Discipline Is Assuming All People Are Inherently Good — No Matter What

Yes, some people while inherently good, still know not what they do. Forgive them.

You have a choice to assume people are inherently good no matter what, and that bad circumstances have forced them to become bad.

This doesn’t mean to let anyone walk all over you or to not take swift action.

But if Sandor Teszler survived the Halocaust and believed people were still inherently good, you can to.

The opposite is a choice and believing that ‘some people are just bad’ is undisciplined.

6. Discipline Is Not Believing In Duality — And Believing All Humans Are Connected, Not Separate

We’re all connected and accountable for one another. When one group of people fails, we all fail.

The opposite of that is undisciplined and we shouldn’t tolerate it any longer.

7. Discipline Is Understanding How Stories Affect Us and How They Shape Our World

Stories make things real and our imaginations run wild telling ourselves stories that stress us out.

What could have been. What should be. Loneliness. Manic Monday.

These are all stories you tell yourself and create the programming that affect your emotion.

Discipline in 2017 is recognizing the power stories have on us.

8. Discipline Is Understanding How Powerful Our Beliefs Play a Role In Shaping Our Realities

Make yourself believe good things and manifest that reality. The opposite is undisciplined.

The cop who looks for negativity in the poor and sees it, and the one who sees beauty all around, sees the same.

The beliefs and assumptions create the reality and illicit behavior from your fellow man.

Have the discipline to bring out the best in all those around you. Family, friends, ‘strangers’, all.

9. Discipline Is Not Being Entertained, But Entertaining Yourself

Don’t be passive. Proactively engage in what you like.

If you listen to the idiotic nightly news, and let that determine your reality or ‘state of the world’ you’re most likely being passively entertained.

If you’re seeking content, deep information that’s informative and books and content from all angles and perspectives, you’re a seeker. An inquirer.

Not what, but how you seek is what matters.

Discipline yourself in being conscious.

Meditation is entertaining yourself in 2017. Meditate then seek news.

Learn to love your time in meditation and you’re disciplined in 2017.

10. Discipline Is Recognizing That Wars, Making “hard and ugly” Decisions That Hurt People Are The Lazy Way Out

Discipline is being peaceful and inspiring others to peacefully join a collective cause that betters everyone.

You beat the bad guy by mustering as much positive energy as you can.

Ghandi was a warrior who won independence for over a billion people from a warring occupier.

Hitler was a pussy who lazily murdered.

Who was more disciplined?

We need to wake up and become truly powerful and disciplined.

11. Discipline Is Giving Everything Away, So There’s Nothing Left To Take

Discipline is giving and detaching from things.

We cling to things, and though I like my things, I’d be just as happy without them.

Giving is a mindset that creates and illicits a peaceful mindset upon colliding with other people.

If you’re willing to share and give everything away, there’s nothing left to take and others won’t care to take from you.

If you don’t get lost in any of the stupid stories of ‘sacred land’ and recognize it’s all just dirt and sand, and imaginary lines, there’s no-thing to occupy.

World leaders take note.

12. Discipline Is Recognizing How Powerful Pride Is And How Miserable It Makes Our World

Pride is poison and must be disciplined and let go of. Wars are fought out of pride.

Relationships not initiated and ended. Hurting a boss’ pride at work is the worst thing you can do because most people who are proud are severely undisciplined.

Pride is a human imperfection at it’s finest and needs to be eradicated to end misery. Wars are fought out of pride.

Have the discipline to let go of your pride.

Breathe in and see your pride for what it is, and let go of it when you breathe out.

13. Discipline Is Putting Yourself In Front of The Hard Situation, Even Death, For The Sake of Setting An Example To Transcend Our World

We all have the responsibility to ‘be the change we want to see in the world’, at the expense of our own little lives.

We’re but a small speck in the grand scheme but if we have any hope of surviving as a species and not destroying our world, we must have the discipline to be fearless and be unafraid of dying.

It’s not that hard once you decide it isn’t and overcome your fear of death.

It’s really just conscious noticing you’d be giving up. Your survival monkey mind is what fears death. If you can get over that, watch out world!

14. Discipline Is Deciding That Change Is Actually Not Complicated, but rather Simple, If We Just Decide To Do It

Discipline is believing that change is possible, and that all humans want the same simple things.

Not ‘some want Islam’ and ‘some want capitalism’.

All humans want is to be secure and live their lives in peace and grow themselves if they’re lucky.

Everything else is idiotic to believe. If someone wants to war, they’re driven by other motivations like politics or money.

Discipline is starting with every person you touch.

Inspire one person to make a decision and you have an internal revolution that can spread like wild fire.

With the internet today, we could get out of this worldly conundrum of unhappiness and violence and other crap quickly if we decide it possible and give ourselves deadlines.

15. Discipline is Recognizing The Power of A Decision Made Is How We Program Ourselves To Get Something Done For Once and For All

Deciding something is real and possible programs your action and creates the universal flow to manifest that reality.

95% of our behavior is unconscious so our programming is important.

Learning neurolinguistic programming is a must in 2017 so you can know how the mind works so you can program yourself.

Be disciplined to program yourself with good beliefs and decisions that are positive forces for good and create the world we all want.

Not forceful programs of resistance that have created the stupid state of affairs that exist in the psyches of our world leaders today.

16. Discipline is Acknowledging That Everything Is a Result We Should All Be Accountable For

We’re all connected and responsible for one another. If a poor person steals in Oklahoma or DC, we should ask ourselves in San Francisco and Atlanta why that is.

If you dig deep enough, you’ll see it’s economic or incapacity to regulate one’s emotions. Rehab and help solve both, not wars to eradicate them.

Discipline is realizing what we resist persists, and what we fight we make stronger.

It’s the mindset.

17. Discipline Is Recognizing Wars on Anything Don’t Work And That Rehabilitation Is The Only Way to Solve Problems

Whether it’s crime, drugs or poverty. Assuming goodness and bad circumstances is the mindset required to create a collective consciousness of healing.

Portugal legalized drugs and provided rehab for drug abusers and basically eradicated their drug problem.

Criminalizing never works to solve a problem.

18. Discipline Is Taking Ownership Of Creating The Reality You Want

Discipline is taking ownership of your consciousness to create the reality you want each day. The sad fact is, most of us have egos that enjoy being sad and depressed.

I’m not talking about the many who don’t have control and have chemical imbalances, but often, in the first world especially, the only difference between an inspired, ‘happy person’ is the way they choose to see the world and shape their reality.

They back that up with action that makes them even happier like exercise and work/life etc.

19. Discipline Is Not Participating In Systems You Don’t Like or Agree With

As Buckminster Fuller said: “You never change things by fighting the existing reality.

To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”

Discipline is creating mini systems for yourself to create your own world.

If you have an idea to re-invent a big system, it’s your responsibility to be disciplined and try to carry it out.

I know someone trying to create a new form of currency built on how much impact on the planet you have.

An idea is only crazy from the outset. And it’s those ideas that sound crazy at the beginning, that are worth doing.

Hopefully the stupid systems of government will soon be re-invented and made obsolete.

Re-invent a new way for everything.

20. Discipline Is Taking a Gods Eye View in 2017

Discipline is zooming out, being able to elevate and taking a “God’s eye view” of the world.

How would you respond if you were president of a country that was attacked?

Everyone should practice taking a Gods eye view this.

In 2017, with phones and technology and crowdfunding, we all have the chance to play God and change the world.

To those who have a gripe with that statement, do you think the people in 1920 would agree that what we have available to us today is ‘playing God’. They would.

Would you ever have thought humans could actually live forever? That’s happening and that’s divinity at it’s best.

Humans are playing God more and more at faster and faster rates.

Discipline in 2017 is making the absolutely hard choices of applying all these principles.

21. Discipline is Working On Something With the Potential to Transcend Our Planet

It’s not what you do but why you do it.

It’s not what you do it’s how deliberate you take action and deep and meaningful your work is to you.

I sell enterprise training software, but I do it to change the state of mankind.

With the tools we have today, we should all do something transformative and game changing.

It doesn’t need to be crazy either. Make food in a way that makes people healthier.

Do whatever you can in an inspired state intended to get other people and the people around you inspired.

It’s a lot and the stakes have been raised. Humanity is at a crossroads and I yearn to see people disciplining themselves to make the right choices, take the high road.

If we change our views on what it means to be disciplined, to stay ideal, uphold positive forces, the world has a chance. The opposite is undisciplined because it’s easier.

It all starts with yours.

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