Human stack tutorial: Starting point

As promised last week, I am going to publish a fullstack tutorial on the HUMAN stack.

The goal of this tutorial is not to be a programming course but a true real life application making experience. Therefore we will actually write an app, test it and make it available online.

You can see this tutorial as an application making journal

When an article has been written, it will not be changed. If something need to be fixed or enhanced in the app, it will be done later.

The following roadmap is to be updated during the project’s development.

The tutorial will be divided in the following parts:


  1. The app we will create
  2. A few JavaScript/NodeJs reminders
  3. Short introduction to Lab and Hapi

A. The road to the Minimum Viable Product

I. The Hapi back-end server

  1. Specifications
  2. Connect to MongoDB
  3. Manage users and use of Mongoose to model data
  4. Manage other assets
  5. Glue everything together
  6. Documentation

II. Building, Deploying and Hosting this back-end

  1. Choosing a hosting strategy
  2. Continuous deployment
  3. Monitoring
  4. Documentation

III. The Angular 2 front-end app

TBA. Right now, the tools I want to use for the part are not ready. The roadmap of this chapter will be published as the front-end app is designed.

IV. Fullstack hosting strategy


B. Adding some features


As usual, all comments are welcomed !

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