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Sign the pledge — an easy way to start helping trafficking victims

In a recent article on the FreedomUnited blog, they discuss how QAnon proponents are distracting from the real business of fighting trafficking around the world. They are even going so far as to dismiss those victims who have actually been trafficked, promoting posts that say they don’t know what they are talking about, or worse, that they are covering up the real abusers.

In cases like this, they are actually compounding the problem, because their uniformed followers continue to promote and distribute their erroneous talking points.

Christy Croft, a survivor of trafficking, told INSIDER:

“It’s really infuriating when you have survivors who have lived experience and are working full time in this field and have helped tons and tons of survivors saying ‘Actually that’s not quite right’ and you have someone with no experience and no professional expertise with a whole day of internet research on unverified sites telling you: ‘You don’t know your own life.’”

QAnon believers package their anti-trafficking conspiracy theories into very simple ‘save the children’ rhetoric, which relies on exaggerated data, false accusations, and partisan rhetoric.

To fight this corruption of the cause, Freeedom United is asking people to take the “My Story, My Dignity” Pledge, to assure victims that their stories are not dismissed or worse, distorted by those with questionable agendas.

You can agree to not be part of the problem, by adding your name to the close to 20,000 people who’ve already signed. Go here to sign today and show your support for those working to solve the human trafficking problem.

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Originally published at on October 13, 2020.




Creating awareness, helping prevent, and reporting progress to Stop Human Trafficking

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Doug Bardwell

Writer & photographer in print & online. Proud husband, father & grandfather. Engaged volunteer with Red Cross, human trafficking prevention & social concerns.

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