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Published on October 8, 2015 | Updated on April 4, 2020

re:Invent — Introducing AWS IoT

Amazon Web Services introduced their IoT offering today (Oct 8 2015), changing the landscape of options for the connected enterprise. The capabilities summarized during the re:Invent keynote are incredibly powerful.

From the broker architecture, to the rules engine (including a SQL-like query interface), to the creative Device Shadows for intermittent connectivity, this is a platform built for massive scale. With the new QuickSight service for business intelligence, Amazon now offers a comprehensive, enterprise-class stack. And the pricing

2015: just $5 / million messages*

2020: just $1 / million messages**

*this was insanely affordable pricing at the time
**like everything that AWS does, they keep drive prices down (even while factoring in the pricing overlay of $0.08 per million minutes of connection)

Amazon has published an initial blog post on the core features, and I recommend the excellent deep-dive session as well.

There was also quite a bit of chatter about the announcement on Twitter.

On a personal note, this is the first time I’ve publicly addressed the progress in the IoT market since Amazon acquired 2lemetry in March 2015.

The team, previously based in Denver and San Francisco, was stacked… and the alums (that aren’t in Seattle now) have landed at places like DoubleDutch, GetFeedback, Micrium, ThingLogix and Opolis. Congratulations to the entire 2lemetry and AWS team involved in making the future, which seemed so difficult to reach only recently, a reality.

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