5 Evil Ways Money is Enslaving Yourself — and Your Entire Bloodline

Money is evil.

We’ve all heard it, time and time again. Why is it evil? Many do not know.

I argue money can be wicked when it commands us to think and act differently, that is, to think and act blindly.

Could you imagine shooting an arrow without looking ahead? That is what you do every single day when you use money without seeing it for what it is.

In this concise article I will break down why many people FEEL that money is evil, and yet have not taken the time to analyze, research, or articulate those sentiments.

I will not argue money’s benefits, in the same ways I will not argue the benefits of a bow and arrow. I leave it to you to play devil’s advocate and figure out how to use money to empower yourself instead of enslave you.

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The First Way Money is Evil — Interconnected Pain-causation and Pain-alleviation

Let’s imagine that you are recently out of college and are working in a competitive position, which too pays competitively. The position may end up stressing you in ways you don’t even know.

The next time you go to a party and someone offers you a cigarette, you may be hesitant, and you may give it a try. Fast forward half a year later and your body has realized that when it smokes it is more relaxed.

As you go further and further into time, you begin to experience ailments from smoking, such as being less active, getting less sleep, and gaining weight. By the time you see these things occurring it is years later and you don’t connect the smoking with the side-effects you are now experiencing.

A few years later you’re spending $200–250 a month on smoking, because you’re dealing with the loss of a relationship that had to end due to your bad habits, and to top it all off, you’re having a hard time finding a new partner that likes smokers.

You experience a heart attack at work a few weeks later and you go to the hospital. Your bills are much higher because you’re not insured fully, or at all, due to the fact that you are a smoker. If you lied to the insurers when you got your premium, then you have underlying feelings of guilt to add a burden upon your mental health.

By this point some people would recognize that the smoking is causing additional issues, not solving any. However you are blind to all of this. You continue to buy cigarettes and smoke them, as the stress of health bills and social stigma sets on. You might find yourself spending additional money on special toothpaste and dental visits. You may even accidentally wear down your gums by brushing excessively, in an attempt to get rid of the smell, to the point where they bleed and get infected.

Who knows? You might even go as far as to sign up for a yearly gym membership around the New Year, because some attractive personal trainer who gave you a free 30 minute session talked you into the benefits of paying for a yearly plan instead of a monthly one.

You are bent on changing, yet further and further from change you go…

The examples and rhythms go on and on. Smoking is merely one type of hell we find ourselves succumbing to as a result of stress and not seeing the world and our bodies for what they are. This example comes from personal experience, as I have throughout periods of my life smoked cigarettes, and experienced addiction with nicotine vaping as well as hookah.

The example given above could be interchanged with alcohol, with television, with shopping, or whatever you could think of. What comes to mind about today’s culture is that we no longer buy things because we need them.

The average 1st-world citizen is not out shopping for a new pair of pants or shoes because their only other two pairs are becoming worn. They are out there shopping to feel good, to get attention, and to feel in line with the rest of the culture, which puts their mind at ease in a similar way to nicotine.

When you go out and drink, you may end up in an accident. The lawyers can help you get out of the results of accidents. They’ll alleviate your issues for you. When you go out and drink, you gain weight. A personal trainer or a motivational book will fix that for you, or so they’ll say. Do you want attention because you’re not getting it, because everyone is busy looking at their phones?

Well, all you need to do is by a new pair of jeans, take a photo of how good they look, and wait for the likes to come rolling in on Instagram.

The sum of this first argument is that over-stimulation weakens your will-power, then you are stimulated by “positives” which come with a fee to fix whatever negative ailment has latched itself onto you; further causing you to work harder to pay for both the negative and the positive stimulations. Smoking and good toothpaste, all in one!

Bad eating habits and a yearly membership I’ll never use. That’ll fix up everything! Here’s my wallet…

As a side note, I bet you didn’t know that cigarette companies give away free cigarettes to psychiatric facilities and mental health groups

You didn’t know it because you’re not meant to know that they feed off of the weakest souls, in the disguise of helping them, at the price of profit for the rest of their customers’, unsuspecting beating hearts’, lifetime.

Remember how you were taught that drinking a glass of wine a day is healthy? It’s not as healthy as you think. It’s just the alcohol industry working its way into your brain.

You could get the same benefits from drinking grape juice as you can from drinking wine.

On another note, did you really think that schools sell milk, and chocolate milk, in order to make sure that children are healthy? That milk is full of GMOs and bacteria that destroys their little bodies and gut-biomes, and in the process ensures that there is a market for milk.

Who do you think keeps the door open for milk companies to sell milk in schools?

Obscure yet true answer: “Government-backed industry groups that work with fast-food companies.

Don’t believe me? Stop reading through this article and taking my word for it as you scroll and scroll.

Read the supporting evidence that I’ve linked to, dig deeper with a search engine that doesn’t collect your browsing habits (such as Duck Duck Go) and read a dozen more pieces of supporting evidence that you find with your own two hands, and then make the decisions for yourself.

I’m not going to force feed you information in the same way that the milk industry is force feeding children a lifetime of milk-dependency:

In a 2014 report, public-interest lawyer Michele Simon noted that sales of milk drop by 35 percent when schools replace flavored milk with plain varieties at cafeterias, and that schools make up 7 to 8 percent of the total market for fluid milk. “That’s a sizable and important piece of business,” Barbara O’Brien, senior executive vice president of Dairy Management, told a trade magazine in 2011. “Those sales are crucial to lifelong dairy consumption and keeping people positively inclined to our products and our industry.”

When I was in Elementary School I would walk by this poster in the milk line every single day. Does it make you ask questions?

Don’t even get me started on how schools and colleges make it so easy for students to get drugs, i.e. Adderall, Ritalin, and Vyvanse. A friend told me that they (illegally) bought Adderall one time to study in college, for a degree that they absolutely ended up hating and not using I might add, which resulted in an unsatisfactory experience.

This friend may also be a hypochondriac, so the discomforting experience of taking “speed,” i.e. Adderall,” led them to an even scarier realization of the nightmare culture we find ourselves in.

My friend happened to find themselves in the school clinic telling the nurse what they had done. The nurse was convinced the problem was taking an unprescribed amount of Adderall, and that could be solved by getting a prescription, which the school doctor would be happy to help with, so that my friend could legally take it and study…
My friend told me this story and couldn’t believe that the nurse was SELLING them on a prescription. They never touched the drug again.

As for the degree that they earned, a Degree in Animal Sciences, they discovered that it wasn’t what they thought it would be. My friend was vegan for a year, and is now a pescatarian. In class one time, a professor pointed to a part of a cow and said “hmm… that’s the part where good steak comes from.” In another college experience, my friend had to put their hand into a cow’s stomach that had a hole cut into it (as is common in farms and universities).

I could keep going on about how high schoolers are naively sold into getting degrees, such as ones in Animal Sciences, which from my friend’s accounts is actually an education into how to produce cheaper meat, which causes health ailments that another group of students is promoted to get an education in.

You study how to create problems! You over there, study how to fix them!

In the end of the day, just remember that you can pay the farmer now, or the doctor later. Remember that quality in what you do, and what you put into your body, goes a long way into the type of body and mind you will develop; and live with for the rest of your life.

The Second Way that Money is Evil — The Banks Profit Off Of Your Pain, Pleasure, and Cures

The banks are so large that they can loan the doctors who go to college, to be able to fix bad heart conditions, say, caused by smoking. They are also so large that they can also loan the people who go to college to become marketers, who get hired by cigarette companies to promote smoking.

Take it a step further, and you’ll see that the banks are also big enough to give loans to the guy who wants to start a morgue, so that he can fill a warehouse with caskets — stored there until they will house the bodies of the people who bought them in advance, anticipating their dropping around like flies — and having a desire to be stored like sardines beneath the earth long after their putrid death.

Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75.
— Benjamin Franklin

I have another friend who used to rant about “mammon” and “mammonites” all the time:

One devoted to the acquisition of wealth, or the service of Mammon.

I thought my friend was an anti-mammonite-proselytizer, i.e. I was convinced that they were devoted to the service of warning others about those who worship money. It became a nuisance to listen to the ranting and raving about the mammonites, because my understanding of mammon was one who “covets money.” My understanding of money being evil when you yearn for it was limited.

My views are different today. I can understand why he was ranting and raving, now that my understanding of money and its intricacies has been redefined through cold-hard-and-worldy experiences.

Money can be evil when you use it in a blind way which keeps the hamster wheel under your feet spinning and spinning.

As you accidentally get addicted to cigarettes, you find yourself paying for them using credit cards, so the cigarettes you thought would cost $5 are actually costing you $6 or $7 over the course of a year. The interest keeps on piling, and you need to work more, and you stress more, which results in you making even more money for the banks who will kindly usur* your wealth, i.e. chains, to your heart’s content.

*Someone who lends money at excessive rates or interest; especially, at an exorbitant or unlawfully high rate: Since Max was in desperate need for money, he went to a usurer for a fast loan and he didn’t realize that the guy was a loan shark who charged very high prices for such monetary uses.
Etymology: borrowed in 1300 from Anglo-French ususrer; a variation of Old French usurier; from Late Latin usurarius, “moneylender; from Latin usurarius, “that which pays interest, for use”; from usura, “use”; from the stem uti, “to use”.

Every time you buy something that will have a negative impact on your body, you are paying interest by buying it and letting yourself be used. If you buy unhealthy food today, you are going to be working day after day so that one day when the heart attack comes, you can afford a heart surgery or a personal trainer or whatever you may need to reverse the effects caused by use or mis-use.

Do you know what the greatest benefit is to the banks that loan to you and others? The banks are infinitely lived! That means that they can grow indefinitely, as more and more people are poisoned by their lenders, and pleasured, and cured.

Furthermore, the banks do not have to abide to conscious guidelines. They can lend to companies who will cause pain and also the companies who strive to reduce that same pain. A banker can loan to a company that wants to make inexpensive chairs which are not ergonomic, and they can also loan to a student who endeavors to enroll in chiropractor school and to even start a practice, all the while they are earning interest of off the sitter who sits to work in an environment designed by the hand of an uninterested HR person buying more chairs for the company, and they will also loan the chiropractor who stands to work on fixing backs.

Because the banks have been growing for hundreds of years we think that we are too small to fight against them, and we hurry on with our stresses and blindness, steadfast in living life instead of “fighting the system.” Yet that sort of buying into the system by not digging deeper to see how it exists is exactly what feeds the system.

There’s even a particular type of digging further which makes you more susceptible to forgetting about all of this, and entering the system once more in full-force. That is extremely complicated to analyze and another topic all in itself.

The Third Way Money is Evil — Promotion of Procreation and of Death

The very advertisements paid for by the government in order to sell things such as “healthy**” “milk***,” are also coincidentally selling procreation and illnesses.

** This word is used in a context where one is healthier for drinking milk, rather than say, not drinking anything at all.

*** This word is used in a context where milk is a mixture of milk and blood that comes from the utters of cows milked by inhumane-machines.

The milk companies do so well at selling children milk and sex, all in the same advertisement, that people over at PETA have no choice but to fight them with their own techniques.

Well the interesting thing about corporations and their desire for profit is that they don’t stop selling you as a child, or as an adult. If you want healthy** food late into your life, you’ll be delighted to know that companies like Ensure and Boost exist.

** This word is once again used in a context where one is healthier for eating anything at all rather than not eating.

These are brands of “nutritional milkshakes” that are given to the elderly. They’re designed to be given to people who can’t stomach anything else yet still need to get some sort of nutrition. My care-giver friend who is three times older than me and is knowledgeable on the topic tells me a different story about these nutritional mixes, a story much different than the hospitals that buy it or the people that sell it.

In elderly homes, Boost and Ensure are given out as lunch-time “snacks” which is not what they were designed for. I’ve done some quick research into the matter, and it turns out that these “snacks” tend to have more sugar in them than nutrition.

Supplemental nutrition shakes contain more than just healthy ingredients. “You may be getting more sugar than any of the other ingredients,” says Stacey Nelson, a dietitian from Harvard-affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital. “But if you can’t eat and that’s the only food that’s palatable, it’s better to get the calories.” Dr. Salamon agrees. “In that case, substituting one meal a day with a drink won’t hurt.” Both experts warn that people who can still eat may be risking too many extra calories by consuming the drinks. That can lead to weight gain and a list of complications associated with obesity, such as high blood pressure and diabetes.
Equally concerning is that nutrition in a can isn’t the same as nutrition from food. “Even if they’re fortified, they still won’t contain all of the nutrients a whole food source would,” says Nelson. Dr. Salamon questions the types of vitamins and dietary supplements in the drinks. For example, some include selenium. “It’s not proved that we need selenium,” she says.
-Harvard Health, Staying Healthy

You don’t believe me? I am a 21 year old with no experience of being an elderly person? Right, right, I hear you. Maybe you’ll believe the accounts of Krause, a former reporter for the Herald-Times of Bloomington, Indiana, who had to retire from her journalism career because of an ovarian cancer diagnosis in 2014.

A few months ago she started having digestive issues and could no longer eat normal food. What hospice workers brought her as meal replacements horrified her.
Krause writes: “Hospice had the very best of intentions, [but] the stuff they sent over was not real FOOD. In fact, I’m outraged at the idea that they feed this stuff to dying people.”
What the hospice provided to Krause was a bag full of products by Ensure: pudding, shakes, and a drink that pretends to be apple juice.
All three are full of chemicals with about as much actual nutritional value as most commercial junk food and these drinks are meant to be the nutritional lifeline for people who are extremely sick.
The Science of Eating

So by now you’re wondering how do the corporations promote procreation and death? There’s companies out there that sell sex by the dozen, porn, intimate film scenes in teen rated movies, condom commercials, jeans, whatever. Just the other day I was shopping when my eye caught a sharp white symbol, on its side.

It was the Nike symbol, and it happened to be on the thigh and buttocks area of a woman. It looked just like the photo below, except that the swoosh was white, it was smaller, sideways, and it began on the thigh and ended on the buttocks.

The companies that fuel us to procreate train our dopamine-induced, addicted, and seeking brains to engage in sexual acts. The “got milk” advertisements, the Nike “checkout the checkmark on my butt” photos, the condom commercials, and everything else is just freely handed out corporate lubrication that endorses sexual acts which result in more humans being created.

More humans means that more are indoctrinated into schools, into milk, into college degrees, and into seperation. As soon as one group is separated from another, that is to say as soon as the developer in college is separated from the doctors in college, and they don’t know about the damaging effects of milk or GMOs or cheap chairs on their bodies, they become a potential patient who will pay off the doctor and their doctor’s degree, with their own developer’s degree which got them a job that made it possible to afford such a doctor,.

How much sense does that make?

When the humans become too weak to function, it would not be profitable to kill them off, like many speculate that companies or governments collude in. What profit would you get from killing off someone with half a million dollars in savings? You’d get more of a profit by selling them on nutritional drinks and other things, which keep them barely teetering on life so that you can extract more of the sweet juice from them called money.

Once the corporations tether onto a human, they promote replicating, and then they facilitate illnesses so that they can provide pleasures, cures, or treatments, which causes an endless feedback loop. If the deceased person passes, the government takes back their belongings, in the case that they don’t have a will, and if their children are to inherit it, the money goes back into the system which continues on merrily along… creating and killing entire generations on the whims of corporate directors who want to sell more things and make more money.

As your bloodline continues to buy things, amass wealth, and eventually die, the infinitely lived corporations are busy selling things, amassing massive wealth, and never dying.

Did you know that Apple makes more money each year off of its financial arm, which is an investment powerhouse, rather than selling its products? I bet you didn’t.

The Fourth Way Money is Evil — It Gets You Hooked

Once you have a taste for something, it’s hard to go back. What the corporations sell you is designed to make it hard to leave. When you are sold something that is free and there is no price, then you are the price.

Let me give you an example. Facebook calls its members users. This isn’t because Facebook members use Facebook, it’s because Facebook uses its members.

“Ask yourself who is paying for Facebook. Usually the people who are paying are the customers. Advertisers are the ones who are paying. If you don’t know who the customer of the product you are using is, you don’t know what the product is for. We are not the customers of Facebook, we are the product. Facebook is selling us to advertisers.”

So you’re on Facebook and someone is talking about the most recent Netflix show, and that triggers you into watching it. Before you know it, you’re spending 20 hours every two weeks watching Netflix. It’s all cheap and dandy, who would be hurt by the membership costs? Then, once again, before you know it, your time is being sucked out of you; which you can never replace. You’ll rarely be able to identify what’s happening before it’s too late, lying on your semi-death bed, sipping Boost nutritional drinks.

As @pattitudez states in his piece “Why I Quite Netflix for Good (and You Should Too),

  1. Netflix directly opposes everything you want to accomplish
  2. It’s full of depressing filth
  3. and limits your ability to uniquely communicate with others.

Once you enter the system of nicotine, or Facebook, or Netflix, or junk food, it’s hard to leave. When I quit Netflix I had a hard time responding to peoples’ questions regarding their favorite TV shows, or what shows I watch. At first it was annoying, and then it was downright sad that we couldn’t converse without having the same knowledge of the shows that millions of others watch.

Not that I am judging you if you watch Netflix. Two years ago I wrote about the fact that Netflix kills you twice as fast as smoking does. The average cigarette takes 7 minutes off a smoker’s life. If they smoke 9 times in a day, that means that they’ve lost about 40–60 minutes of life. On the other hand, the average Netflix user watches about 2 hours a day.

If you’re sitting there watching Netflix for 2 hours a day judging the guy next door smoking, you ought to reconsider who’s really taking the most away from the time or quality of their life.

Money can be evil when it goes towards paying writers to create something so interesting that millions of people would sink hundreds of hours into, and when the money is so good that the writers don’t have time to question themselves. Is what I’m doing all that good? Would I rather keep at this or create a new reality for myself, rather than writing a fantasy that creates a reality of a time-sink for millions?

The Fifth Way That Money is Evil — It Separates You From Your Heart

When the corporations and their plots succeed, it can take away your time and attention from being able to educate yourself on what is beneficial and what is harmful. One way in which money can be evil is when it’s used to pay people to keep up an act that looks so great on the exterior, such as athletes being in soda commercials, yet soda is downright destructive to humans.

We see people like Warren Buffet drinking Coca-Cola and eating at McDonalds. Well if Warren Buffet uses McDonalds coupons when taking Bill Gates out for food in Hong Kong, why shouldn’t we? It turns out even Mark Zuckerberg eats at McDonalds from time to time! It’s all right then for us to eat there. No harm done if the billionaires are doing it.

Don’t let the stress and lack of time cause you to feel like you don’t have time to cook, or that you have to have a gym membership in order to work-out. When you let yourself believe these things, and assume reality by its external appearances, you cease to connect with your inner-self which has all the answers, all the time, and all the sustenance you will ever need.

Everyone is working really hard for you to forget that happiness comes from within. They don’t want a happy hamster, because a happy hamster may not make the register Cha-Ching nearly as often as it does.

The Way Out

Sit and meditate every day for at least 5 minutes.

Try Heart Meditation, expand one cell of your heart to encompass your entire being.

Find your why. Visualize your future self in the morning with the tried and tested Tony Robbins 9-minute technique, but be careful and don’t get caught up into buying into his programs; or any motivational speakers’ programs.

You’ll get much better results figuring out how strong you are for yourself, i.e. by practicing for two years and then punching a hole through a wall, than by me telling you that you are capable of anything.

You are a part of the human family which has proven itself through amazing feats, such as swimming for 2/3rds of a mile in 29 degree water. Perhaps that doesn’t resonate much with you because you may not care or be impressed by that.

You may not care how strong your body is, you may be more interested in how strong your mind is, and for that journey you alone are the best traveler.

Make a plan to reach the peaks of your goals, teach yourself what you need to learn, and practice, and most of all to be intentional. When you reach the peaks do not let your feet and the land beneath be a limit.

Build an airplane and fly high and above, and eventually, realize that not even the sky is the limit. You can find yourself living on Mars within this lifetime, as long as Elon Musk or Jeff Bezos continue to be alive and push for higher human heights in space, or maybe as long as you are alive and aspire to make it possible, so why limit your hopes and dreams?

The more you hesitate about being great, the more the corporations and the banks increase their chances of getting you sucked into their system.

Don’t let yourself be spoon-fed crap all of your life, and don’t end up in a prison of a complex called a psychiatric facility given out free cigarettes, or a prison called a nursing home, given “nutritional” sugar and corn syrup as a snack simply because profits are higher when giving out pre-made drinks than actually preparing meals for people, and simply because nicotine comes in greater quantities and is easier to access than the fulfillment that comes from fighting for one’s dreams.

I’d say opt out of the system, drink organic chai and contemplate your existence.

Consider becoming vegan or quitting your job to become a yogi or a bud trimmer. I personally know someone who is vegetarian, is a yogi, and once cut bud and made thousands of dollars in a few weeks. It’s not as far-fetched as the corporations make it to just be a hippie living in accordance with the universe.

If you’re diagnosed with ADHD, like Michael Phelps once was, say to yourself “how terrible, I’m not meant to be a cubicle worker. I will swim for 8 hours a day instead and win more Gold Medals than a human has limbs.”

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that you’re not enough for the system and that you must tune your own system in order to synchronize with the oddities that are going on. Reject the sad reality of the past and the present, and create your own thriving future.

While you’re at it, read The Way Out, listen to Jim Carrey talk about the Divine Universe, and learn about the ways that the Monsanto corporation is killing human beings.

I want to note that moments after searching for Tony Robbins on Google, in order to link to his technique here, I was shown an advertisement from Tony Robbins on YouTube about some man that lost his wife, and how Tony Robbins gave him the answers [to his own life and the universe].

I am extremely humored that Tony Robbins’ advertisement dollars went into selling me on his products, which I had just moments ago written about distrusting.

This article wouldn’t have been possible without the motivation that the the late bodybuilder Greg Plitt instilled in me.

It also wouldn’t be possible without the Essenes, and additionally, a book titled “The Essenes Science of Life — According to the Essenes Gospel of Peace — An Introduction to Cosmotherapy” which taught me that:

“Apart from violent unforeseeable accidents, death is always ‘real suicide or rather murder committed by the soul upon the body through ignorance of folly.’”

I took the following information and treated it as a seed, nurturing the knowledge, and asking of it “how does the community weaken the soul through ignorance of folly?”

“15. Triumph over death
This peace of mind and soul will be a sure shield against disease and old age.
Buffon has said that what destroys balance in a man is an attitude of mind which dwells on evil at the expense of good. If you are not afraid of death, death will retreat before you. Most men when they reach a certain age think that they have come to the end of their lives. Just a few sad years of the discomfort and decrepitude inseperable from old age, and that will be the end. Their minds are filled with gloomy forebodings, their horizons are narrowed. They lose their buoyancy and are haunted by the approach of death. They are victims of the worst of auto-suggestions and can not react. In their distress they eat badly; nutrition is impaired, their sleep disturbed, and their poor nerves, frayed by all these harmful thoughts upset the whole system. The least symtom is seized on by their disordered imagination. They brood on it until it develops into the disease which utilmately kills them.
We must defend ourselves against evil thoughts and feelings which shorten life and we must learn to keep in good spirits, to treat death with contempt and to cultivate the calmness of spirit which breeds centenarians.”