humanID and Ninja: Empowering and Protecting Workers

humanID is excited to announce that we will be partnering with Ninja Anon!

Using an anonymous reporting platform, Ninja Anon empowers migrant workers to raise grievances about their working conditions. Workers can quickly and easily express concerns or anxieties to their employers by scanning a QR code posted in their workplace. Once they scan the code, workers can send their message using a phone or computer.

Ninja Anon allows users to make reports in their native language. This is significant in ensuring equity of expression for migrant workers, who are often vulnerable to exploitation through wage theft and unsafe working environments. The platform provides a complaint-contact point that gives workers and companies the power to report abuses and to swiftly address consequent issues.

Privacy & Protection

In 2019, Japan saw a significant increase in the number of foreign workers. Migrant workers are often vulnerable to human rights abuses, and a lack of information can prevent companies from addressing their workers’ concerns. To fix this issue, Ninja Anon collects and communicates to companies data on the grievances, anxieties, and risks that workers face every day. The platform provides a secure way for workers to express their concerns without fear of retaliation from the company. By allowing workers to report in their native language, the app removes the language barrier for foreign workers, giving them the power to assert their voices even if they aren’t fluent in the language of their host country.

Via humanID, Ninja Anon can ensure that workers have total anonymity — protecting them from retaliation and encouraging total honesty — while also making sure that companies are receiving legitimate concerns from real workers. Workers are assured of anonymity; since humanID does not save any identifiable information, it is impossible for companies to find who made a particular comment. “Together, humanID and Ninja Anon will give workers the means to safely express their concerns about their working environments,” says humanID co-founder Bastian Purrer, “this gives companies the tools to foster a culture of responsibility and accountability organization-wide human relations.” Migrant workers who may already be in precarious situations never need to worry about retaliation. Through anonymity, they have the agency to advocate for themselves in the workplace.

With a humanID login, the frictionless process makes it easy for workers to make a report. Since each person will have a unique login, humanID eliminates the possibility of bots and spam, making sure companies are receiving legitimate concerns from their workers. “Nothing is more valuable than actual voices from actual workers,” said Miho Okada, Managing Director of TraceBlue Japan. Companies can be secure in the integrity of the messages they receive without compromising the voices of vulnerable workers.

Graphic by Olivia Velten-Lomelín

humanID and Ninja Anon recognize the need for anonymity and privacy in the workspace, especially for vulnerable populations. Together, we’re creating a trustworthy way to address workplace issues so that workers can safely raise their voices and hold their employers accountable. humanID and Ninja Anon both have a simple goal: mutual trust in the digital space.

Find out more about Ninja Anon’s work at the Bluenumber website. More information about humanID is available at

What’s humanID?

humanID is a new anonymous online identity that blocks bots and social media manipulation. If you care about privacy and protecting free speech, consider supporting humanID at, and follow us on Twitter & LinkedIn.



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Jessa Mellea

Jessa Mellea

Brown University 2023 | International Relations and Religious Studies | Research and Marketing @ humanID