A Dissenting Opinion, Sir

In an articulate letter in Cleveland.com, a considerate man, Mark Weber, provided some commentary on a letter about the President of the United States, Donald Trump.

Weber responds to the letter saying, “Walter Nicholes has written a thoughtful letter on President Trump. However, he writes that, as a secular humanist, he is neither moral nor immoral. I beg to differ.”

To Weber, the life of a secularist and a humanist is one bound to a morality, to a lifestance of the inherently ethical. I would agree. It is a lack of belief, in general, of some supernatural entity.

But also, and most salient to some of those more aware of the history of the community here, the Humanist Manifesto from 1933 was referenced, which shows a historical knowledge linked to a considerate person.

Weber concluded — though this is a short article, “Our worldview takes its substance from many different sources and thinkers. The core of our morality is a belief in democracy, pluralism, reason, and science.”